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136Hydrogen fuel cells may get a shot at batteries after all

What Changed DOE Secretary Steven Chu's Mind About Hydrogen Fuel Cells

36Hydrogen fuel cells may get a shot at batteries after all

What Changed DOE Secretary Steven Chu's Mind About Hydrogen Fuel Cells

90How autonomous cars are about to change our future

New Technology Aims To Take Your Hands Off The Steering Wheel

32Grand Theft Auto goes high-tech in the digital age

Modern Car Thieves Outsmart The Law By Cloning

90Ford discloses more details on Lincoln's transformation

This is going to be a serious effort, and the early signs are encouraging. The Ford Motor Company is finally marshaling the resources and money to transform Lincoln into a true luxury brand again. While the company is guarded in discussing the full details of its plan, it's divulging enough for now to let the world know that this is going to be a serious effort. And the early signs are encouraging.

27Opinion: Luxgen EV puts Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf on notice

A Quick Spin In A Chinese EV Raises Eyebrows And Expectations

74Luxgen EV puts Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf on notice

A Quick Spin In A Chinese EV Raises Eyebrows And Expectations

119Opinion: Time to raise the speed limit, how does 150 MPH sound?

Ever since automobiles first appeared over 100 years ago, every automaker has tried to make them go faster. And they succeeded. Nearly every year, cars became more powerful with higher top-end speeds. But then, in the mid-1950s, we hit a plateau. The national speed limit was set at 70 miles per hour, and we've been stuck at that rate ever since. As a result, the automobile has made absolutely no progress as a transportation device in over half a century.

44Opinion: Five Questions For Ray LaHood

It took ten months. It involved the best brains in the nation. They conducted exhaustive tests. And Lord knows what it all cost. But when it was over, the results were totally predictable. The U.S. Department of Transportation could find nothing wrong with Toyota vehicles that would cause them to suddenly accelerate out of control.

39Steel nanotechnology can reduce the weight of our cars

Making Stronger Steel As Light As Aluminum

752011 Nissan Leaf: Pros and Cons of living with an electric car

Test driving an electric car at an automaker's media event is one thing. Taking one home and living with it is a completely different experience. Nissan just loaned me a Leaf for several days and I came away with a new appreciation for the potential pitfalls and rewards of owning an EV.

64Big Three Have Five Years of Prosperity Until Party Ends

Signs To Watch For As The Cycle Repeats

8Inside Volkswagen's electronic toy store

Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

3Fiat Eschews EV's, Chooses CNG - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

While every other major automaker in the world is pouring billions of dollars into research for electric vehicles, Fiat doesn't seem to be all that interested in electric cars. Instead, it's putting its efforts into producing cars that can run on compressed natural gas. Even more importantly, it's offering what it calls bi-fuel cars, which can run on both gasoline and CNG.

29Car Prices Will Climb For Years - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

Have you've been watching car prices lately? They seem to go up every month. Forget everything you've been reading about sales incentives, bargain leases or low-cost financing. They just mask the fact that automakers are quietly bumping up MSRP's every chance they get.

26Don't Laugh, The UAW Could Come Roaring Back - Autoline with John McElroy

Back when I was a UAW member many moons ago, earning my college tuition by busting my ass in the factories, the union was an incredibly powerful labor organization. With nearly 1.3 million members, it had enormous political clout in Washington, D.C. And thanks to a monopoly on automotive labor, it could bring the entire American auto industry to a grinding halt by merely snapping its fingers. But then the world changed.

24Ethanol Booming, Despite the Drawbacks - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

Just a couple of years ago American-made corn ethanol was vilified in the media. It was blamed for soaring food prices, and for causing food riots in Mexico. The UN even accused the U.S. of depriving the world of food.

33How GM Can Repay All the Taxpayer Money - Autoline with John McElroy

General Motors can be pretty ham-handed when it tries to manipulate public opinion. The latest gaffe involves the company's newest advertising campaign, bragging to the public that it paid off its $8 billion in government loans. Listening to those ads you might be misled into believing that GM had paid off everything. But it never mentioned the other $42 billion that taxpayers poured into the company.

57Will They Ever Stop Writing Regulations? - Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy

Every single year, for almost 40 years, politicians and regulators have written piles of laws and regulations to control the automobile. And yet, there's no end in sight. Right now they're working on regulations that will take us out to 2025 and beyond. Will it ever end?

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