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    Hot Wheels gets playful with full-scale advertisements

    Diecast cars are a fun distraction regardless of your age, in fact, we've got a few on our desk at this very moment. Hot Wheels may be the king of scale-car fun, but its marketing department likes to think big. Recently, we saw how it turned a historic Australian building into a 3D racetrack. ...

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    Inexpensive new single-seat BMW roadster set to scream in the corners

    2010 BMW Baby Racer II Motorsport – Click above for high-res image
    It's never too early to learn the fundamentals of car control, kids, and BMW's new entry-level single-seat roadster is just the ticket. Constructed of light-weight composites and equipped with real rubber tires, a ...

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    Brick By Brick: James May's Lego house comes down

    Top Gear host James May went to Dorking, England and built a Lego fort house in an orchard with more than three million Lego pieces. Now it's time for him to vacate the premises, and the house has been torn down. Mays had tried to get the structure taken to the Lego park in Windsor, but the cost ...

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    Steering wheel for the... iPhone?

    CTA Digital iPod steering wheel -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    If you've been trying to raise your high score on that iPhone or iPod Touch racing game but you just can't get your chi going without a steering wheel, this baby could be for you. Made by CTA Digital, you clip the ...

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    Gran Turismo PSP adds Lamborghini to the mix

    Exclusive cars for GT5 PSP -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    An entirely galaxy could have been birthed in the time it's taking for Gran Turismo 5 to arrive, but at least Sony is trying to make it worth everyone's while when the portable driving sim shows up October 1. If you pre-order ...

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    REPORT: James May to build life-sized Lego house. But what's in the garage?

    James May, a.k.a. Captain Slow on Top Gear, has a BBC show called James May's Toy Stories. After building an award-winning Plasticine garden and the world's largest model airplane, the next thing on May's list is a house built of Legos. A two-storey house. And he intends to live in it for a ...

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    Spec out your own Maserati - in 1/43 scale

    If you're looking for a Maserati that's easier on your wallet, or a treat for a Maserati lover, then you should check out the Maserati model configurator. Three base models in 1/43 scale are available: Quattroporte, Quattroporte S, and Granturismo S. From there you can choose from among seven ...

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    VIDEO: Volvo The Game now available for free download

    Volvo – The Game – Click above for gameplay videos
    Starting grids, chicanes, kerbs and locking up the brakes diving into hairpins make you think of what car brand? Of course, Volvo. As promised, Volvo - The Game has been released today for free download for PC only - sorry Mac lovers ...

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    Childhood Redeemed: Lego artist creates jaw-dropping four-wheeled creations

    Firas Abu-Jaber's Lego cars - click above for a high-res gallery
    This is how you tell the master from the journeyman: Give them a common task, place the same tools in each of their hands, and while journeyman's results will be acceptable, the master's results will be amazing. Firas Abu-Jaber has a ...

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    New SuperCar Challenge for PS3 under development

    Click above for high-res gallery of SuperCar Challenge screen caps
    System 3 has a follow-up title to last year's Ferrari Challenge: SuperCar Challenge. The new game will offer 40 cars to choose from, not all of which are Ferraris this team. The roster will include such cars as the Aston Martin ...

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    Mobile microwave takes Mhz and hot food on the go...

    Have you ever been on the road and hungry, and thought "By golly, if I only had a microwave I could heat... anything... and eat it!" Well, neither have we. But that hasn't stopped Maplin Electronics from coming up with a portable, 12-volt microwave that you can operate through your cigarette ...

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    We want Limited Edition Dodge Challenger sculptures

    Click above for image gallery of the Bend Rod Garage Challenger sculptures
    We've come to that time of year when hear sentences that sound like this: "You wanted X (insert obscenely out-of-reach gift here), but that didn't work out so let us present Y!" And Y is always some little tchotchke that ...

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    $1 Hot Wheels car blinged out to $140,000

    click above for more high-res picsA few years ago, Bruce Pascal paid more than $70,000 for a single Hot Wheels car. The car was an extremely rare rear-loading Beach Bomb with an even more rare pink coat of paint. But it didn't have even a single diamond or ruby, which makes us wonder what Mr. ...

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    Become a car designer, just $19.99!

    From time to time we've all been tempted to purchase that fake diploma from the endlessly circulating email, right? The last time I checked, though, they weren't offering fake certificates from the Art Center College of Design, or the Academy of Art University. If you still held onto the dream of ...

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    All we want for Christmas is a Ford GT

    The Ford GT has always been badass. When it went into production in 2003, all of those kit cars from back in the day suddenly paled in comparison to a genuine GT40-inspired supercar. It was a relative bargain, too. Of course, when we say relative bargain, we mean expensive. Always willing to ...

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    Takara's palm-sized R/C... Crossovers?

    Click image for photo galleryOk, they're not all crossovers -- one of them's a Prius, the Corolla Fielder's a wagon, and the Honda Stream's an MPV -- but Takara Tomy's new CAUL R/C lineup is still CUV-heavy. The nicely-detailed palm-sized R/C cars cost just ¥600 in Japan (a little over $5 at ...

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    Ridemakerz coming to a mall near you

    Great, another retail establishment that can't spell. Here's a tip: "Z" does not equal "S." Using Z to pluralize words will also not make you hip or cool. Rather, it will point out that it's an obvious stab at being cool, without actually attaining coolness. Alphabet abuse aside, the concept of ...

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    Watch the Transformers toys transform

    It's one thing to design a Transformer in CGI and have it magically transform from a car to a 40-foot-tall robot in 24 frames of animation. It's entirely different to produce a toy that actually does transform with moving parts that have to work together in total harmony. HASBRO is in charge of ...

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    Hot Wheels offers limited edition Camaro and Challenger

    At the very least we're about one year away from seeing the production version of the Dodge Challenger, probably longer for the Chevy Camaro. We can't wait that long, and we're guessing neither can you. Hot Wheels has come to the rescue with two pairs of limited edition miniature motors.Beginning ...

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    Wacky USB remote-controlled car provides minutes of fun

    Around our office, we're always passing small files between the multiple workstations via USB flash drives. Chinese toymaker Marsilli has come up with a fun way for us to amuse ourselves as we pass files back and forth. Their 512MB flash drive that doubles as an RC car comes with its own race ...


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