Think Global is best known for a tiny, electric car called the City that features plastic body panels. The company was originally founded in Norway but later was briefly owned by Ford. The automaker started building the models in the US in Elkhart, IN, in 2010. However, production ended in 2011 when the business went bankrupt.

How EVs changed, and didn't change, Elkhart, IN

Two stinking electric vehicles. That's what Elkhart, IN, has to show for the trio of electric-vehicle makers that were going to create thousands of jobs in town during the past decade but ultimately went bust, the Elkhart Truth reports. Of course, the real "truth" is a little more complicated than that.
What happens when you can't unplug your plug-in? One driver's tale *UPDATE

What would happen if you drove to National Plug In Day in your EV, stopped at a Walgreens afterwards to charge, then found out you couldn't unplug the J1772 coupler? Not a good way to end the day.
EnerDel still in battery business, now working with Purdue on li-ion research

You can't say EnerDel isn't still giving it the old college try.