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Washington couple convert old fire engine into wood-fired pizza truck

It replaces a 1977 Datsun pickup equipped with a similar oven in the bed

Belgium's federal police vehicles are too dirty for its new urban emissions rules

If you're going to go all Jason Bourne, consider escaping into a city rather than the country

Belgium's federal police have fallen foul of tighter emissions controls that entered force at the start of the year, with a number of its cars and vans now too dirty to enter the cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. The police force said it did not have sufficient funds to renew its entire fleet of several thousand vehicles and had already warned the authorities of the risk. A spokeswoman declined to say how many vehicles now failed to meet the stricter rules.

Panasonic's connected miniature fire truck has niches to fill

Partner Tropos Motors specializes in little emergency and cargo vehicles

Watch as Australian firefighters drive their truck through walls of fire

It's a terrifying scene

Hundreds of residents and holiday-makers have been ordered to evacuate Australia's temperate Snowy Mountains region in the state of New South Wales as fierce fires threaten from two sides, authorities said on Thursday. The order covers the Kosciuszko National Park, a near 7,000 square km (2,700 square mile) area popular for snow sports in winter, requiring hotels and other businesses to close and people to leave by Friday morning. "This is not a fire season that New South Wales has seen before

Lamborghini Squadra Corsa previews 830-hp hypercar and racing Urus ST-X

Limited-edition, track-only car debuts next year with massive aero

Toyota concepts dream up a fanciful 'future mobility society' in Toyko

Toyota's future includes a flying broom and emotional delivery robot

Indiana police department swaps Dodge Charger for Tesla Model 3

Thought to be the first Model 3 police cruiser in the country

Washington state troopers sue Ford over Explorer exhaust fumes

The latest in a long line of complaints about nausea-inducing fumes

Here's your chance to vote for the best-looking state police cruiser

Florida's Dodge Challenger has our vote, but the tornado is a nice touch

Seinfeld's 'CiCGC' trailer is chock full of stars, cars and coffee

We see a Porsche Carrera Spyder, a 356 police car, a Nissan Figaro, scooters and more

The Volvo XC90 Armored is a 10,000-pound bullet-stopping family SUV

Thwart those stray explosions and rounds on your way to soccer practice

Thwart those stray explosions and rounds on your way to soccer practice.

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Florida man suspected in carjacking steals trooper's cruiser

'Medically distressed' man bolted when trooper was fetching him water

'Medically distressed' man bolted when trooper was fetching him water.

Is it stealing if the thief returns the car every night?

Woman noticed a few things were off, including her odometer

Woman noticed a few things were off, including her odometer.

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