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An announcement is expected at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Passenger and commercial versions are possible.

Its first vehicle is an all-electric panel van.

Its all-electric delivery van launches this year.

The Swedish company unveiled this driverless prototype.

The future looks weird.

Limiters were supported by truckers and safety agencies.

The folks behind the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) are under investigation for alleged illegal fundraising.

Everybody involved in this one needs to go buy a lottery ticket right now.

The service is one tier higher than Lyft Premier, which launched last year.

It's a Suburban used to transport bodies.

A semi trailer was clipped by a low-flying plane on an Ohio highway.

That's a negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Here's a classic case of good news, bad news.

As a showcase for future technology, Project Portal looks promising.

20,000 pounds of cheese, all gone forever.

It was as if millions of cows mooed and were suddenly silenced.

The concept truck has a 200-mile range.

The 670-horsepower truck uses two Mirais worth of fuel cells.

Tesla's first pickup truck may be revealed next year.

Tesla chief Elon Musk says the company will stage its final Model 3 reveal in July and its first semi-truck unveiling in September.

From airless tires to comfortable cab, it's the ultimate digging machine.

You weren't expecting that, were you?

London Taxi Company TX5 will be a range-extended EV.

It's due to arrive at the end of the year.

The Urban eTruck is now ready for small-scale production

Beta testing is commencing, with full scale production to be reached by 2020.

A big rig navigating a stretch of windy Wyoming highway last week was blown over by high winds and landed on a Wyoming Highway Patrol cruiser.

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