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The hassles of signing up for Maven left me frustrated, without a car and headed for Avis.

The hassles of signing up for Maven left me frustrated, without a vehicle and headed for Avis.

Private pods on special buses will help sleepy Brits get home.

No need to worry about missing your stop.


Analysts predict a boom in electric fleets.

Out of more than 65,000 public buses plying U.S. roads today, just 300 are electric.


Tesla tapped to ship soda and snacks.

More than a dozen companies have ordered so far.


It also shows the pop-open side windows

Tesla's commercial truck is unique in many ways.


The orders keep rolling in.

Sysco, one of the largest food deliverers in the world, placed an order for 50 Tesla Semi trucks to help green up its fleet of over 7,000 trucks.


That's $15 million in orders in one day.

It's one of the biggest reservations for the Tesla truck so far.


The third-generation cargo van goes into production this spring.

An electric-powered version is coming in 2019.


"We will return the cities to the people"

"We will return the cities to the people."


Here's what it hopes to accomplish.

Avis will link 5,000 rental cars wirelessly to the internet and each other in Kansas City


Letter appears, saying Uber trained employees to steal trade secrets, hide their tracks.

"You're just making the impression that this is a total cover-up," the judge told Uber.


10 Semis will be used as a test in several major cities

Fortigo Freight Services in Canada will also test the Tesla Semi.


Starting at $150,000 with a 300-mile range.

How can Tesla make money at this price?


First, let's talk about that central seating position.

Electric trucks, including the Tesla Semi, are inevitable and welcome. But questions remain about this particular implementation.


We still don't know what it'll cost.

Tesla promises lower operating costs from its electric big rig.


Elon Musk's 'Master Plan' continues to unfold.

Tesla moves beyond passenger vehicles to the electrification of freight transport.

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It also mentions a mysterious "driver-comfort feature" in the Tesla semi.

You almost feel bad for the poor, little guy.


The partners want to increase efficiency and safety.

Automation could help alleviate the trucking industry's "workforce problem."


Alternate dimensions and portal guns: Thursday will be epic.

Minds blown, alternate dimensions and portal guns: Thursday will be epic.


It goes 100 miles on a charge, or 175 with range extender.

Workhorse makes a bigger delivery EV with an automated drone to go the last mile.