McLaren Cars

Founded in 1989, McLaren is a British-based builder of supercars that works closely with its namesake F1 team, McLaren Racing. Best known for building the F1 supercar that dominated the '90s and can still hold its own among today's exotics, McLaren has returned in recent years with the MP4-12C supercar and plans to follow up with an F1 successor called the P1.

2015 McLaren 650S
2015 McLaren 650S
3.8L V-8
16 City / 22 HWY
What livery would you choose for your McLaren P1 GTR?

If you happen to have an extra $3 million to spend on a supercar for the race track, we envy you. We're also jealous that you get to choose your own livery.
McLaren opening four new dealerships in America

New Showrooms Expand Network To 80 Locations

McLaren has announced four new dealerships in the United States, expanding its North American presence to 22 locations and its global network to 80 just as the new, more accessible Sports Series reaches showrooms around the world.
McLaren F1 poaches Jost Capito from VW WRC

McLaren lures Jost Capito away from his position as Volkswagen Motorsport boss. Capito will take over as CEO of McLaren Racing from Jonathan Neale.

For Sale

2016 Mclaren 675LT
$479,800 / 325 miles / CA
2012 Mclaren MP4-12C
$164,880 / 6,166 miles / CA
2012 Mclaren MP4-12C
$144,888 / 22,190 miles / CA
America gets its first McLaren P1 GTR

This dark green and orange McLaren P1 GTR was delivered to a customer in San Jose, CA - making this the first such track-bound supercar in America.
2016 McLaren 650S Spider Review [w/video]
Managing Editor Steven Ewing took a 575-mile road trip from Baltimore to Detroit in a bright green McLaren 650S, distracting everyone he passed along the way.
2016 McLaren 570S Coupe First Drive
McLaren calls its new 570S a sports car. Based on reaction from the public and the coupe's stellar reflexes, we're arguing for stronger language.
2015 McLaren 650S Spider [w/video]
McLaren's new 650S sports car has unexpectedly replaced the British automaker's capable MP4-12C, promising more power and poise. We flog it on road and track to find out if it delivers.
McLaren recalls P1 for faulty backup hood latch

McLaren is recalling 122 examples of the P1 hybrid hypercar located in the United States to have the secondary hood latch replaced, lest it disengage and open while under way.
McLaren recalls MP4-12C in hot-weather states over wiper woes

There probably aren't many things that can ruin the experience of driving a McLaren MP4-12C, but as it turns out, the humid air of America's Southeastern states is one of those things. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for 374 examples of the 2012-2014 model year MP4-12C due to a faulty wiper that could fail in muggy climates.