The Morgan Motor Company was founded by Henry Morgan in 1909 and has been building sports cars for over a century. The automaker has been well known for its three-wheeled models and didn't break into the four-wheel market until 1936 with the 4-4. Today, Morgan continues to construct performance vehicles with a classic, English look at its factory in Malvern, England.

2009 Morgan Aero8
MSRP: $129,950 - $129,950
2008 Morgan Aero8
MSRP: $129,950 - $129,950
2007 Morgan Aero8
MSRP: $115,000 - $115,000
2006 Morgan Aero8
MSRP: $108,915 - $108,915
2006 Morgan Roadster
MSRP: $73,950 - $73,950
Just in time for St. Pat's, Morgan builds custom Roadster with distiller Balvenie [w/video]

Morgan and Balvenie still make their products in the UK the old-fashioned way: by hand, using old-world methods. Now the two have come together for a special roadster, which fortunately doesn't run on single malt.
2015 Morgan Aero 8 shows a host of upgrades to the Swiss crowds [w/video]

Morgan has a thorough update for the 2015 Aero 8 on display at the Geneva Motor Show. It features revised styling and a more rigid aluminum frame. However, the company is retiring the Aero SuperSports and Coupe from its lineup.
Morgan announces new Aero 8 in final teaser

Morgan looks set to present its new Aero 8 at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, according to what we hope will be the last teaser ahead of its reveal.