Watch $80M worth of Aston Martins tear around new factory

Earlier this month, Aston Martin took possession of the former Royal Air Force base in St. Athan in South Wales. The company will convert the space to new factory that will start producing new cars, including the future DBX crossover, in 2019. That date is quite a ways away, and in the meantime, Aston has a huge empty facility sitting around. So what better to do than take a bunch of Astons there and play with them? In the video above, two of Aston Martin's racing drivers and the company's…
There's also a teaser for the DBX.

'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' author Robert M. Pirsig dies at 88

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Robert M. Pirsig, author of the influential 1970s philosophical novel "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," died on Monday at age 88, his publisher said. William Morrow & Co executive editor Peter Hubbard said in a statement that Pirsig's wife, Wendy, had confirmed his death at his home in Maine "after a period of failing health." Published in 1974 after being rejected by more than 100 other publishers, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" was the…
A book about motorcycles and much, much more.
Spy Shots

2019 Chevrolet Camaro spied with bizarre front camouflage

How do you ensure that no one can see what you have planned for a mid-cycle refresh? Slap a monster false nose on your prototype! That seems to be the strategy Chevrolet decided on for the 2019 Camaro. One of our spy photographers caught a whole troupe of the new Camaros testing in Colorado, and all of them have the extra-long nose with myriad holes for air and lights. While it would be tempting to think Chevy is working on a unique, extra-aerodynamic limited-edition Camaro, we're certain this…
Underneath is the updated Camaro.

Top 11 cars that are resold in the first year

Certain cars are much more likely to be ditched within the year of initial purchase than others. Here they are, and this is how much you could save on a nearly new model.
Certain cars are much more likely to be ditched within the year of initial purchase than others. Here they are, and this is how much you could save on a nearly new model.

'Relay hack': the cheap, easy way for thieves to steal your car

As cars get increasingly more high-tech, so do car thieves. A number of high profile stories over the past couple of years, including one just today regarding Hyundai, have raised awareness of issues with various vehicles' onboard computer systems that make them vulnerable to high-tech thieves. Today, a group of researchers from a Chinese security firm released an article announcing a new threat to modern vehicles – the "relay hack." According to Wired Magazine, a team of security…
$22 worth of electronics is all it takes.

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Buying bang for your buck: Buick Regal, Hyundai Sonata

Toyota is ramping up production of an all-new 2018 Camry and spending over $1 billion – with a "b" – at its Georgetown, Ky., plant. That investment speaks to the popularity of midsize sedans, despite sales inroads made by…
If shopping for a $30,000 midsize sedan, the Regal and Sonata merit your attention.
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