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Ferrari dips into its parts bin to test a Dino, or something

"It's a when not an if. We know that it [Dino] is an under-used resource, but that's why we need to get it right." – Sergio Marchionne We know Ferrari is thinking about bringing back the Dino. This might be it. Or not. Spy shooters snapped this prototype during winter testing in Sweden, sparking speculation the long-hoped for Dino could return. Witnesses said the mule didn't sound like it had a V8, suggesting the 2.9-liter V6 turbo developed by Ferrari for the Alfa Romeo Giulia was…
Some sort of mid-engine stallion is on the loose.

Superbike-inspired Nike Air Jordan IV Motorsport sneakers going back into production

One of the rarest and most sought after pair of sneakers is getting a second lease on life. Nike announced that it's relaunching the Air Jordan IV Motorsport, a sneaker inspired by the former Michael Jordan Motorsports Superbike team. The white, black, and blue color scheme was inspired by Jordan's Suzuki sportbikes, in turn inspired by the colors of the North Carolina Tar Heels. The original Air Jordan IV Motorsport debuted in 2006 to commemorate the team's fourth anniversary. According to…
The shoes were sold to commemorate the team's fourth anniversary.
New York

2018 Toyota Sienna gets a mild facelift for New York show

Despite strong sales, the Toyota Sienna is growing a bit long in the tooth. In order to breathe new life into a vehicle that's quickly falling behind, Toyota is giving the 2018 Sienna a refresh inside and out. The revitalized model is set to debut next month at the New York International Auto Show and should help the Sienna gain back some ground that's been lost to the competition. For 2018, the Sienna gets revised styling and a new suite of features, including Toyota Safety Sense, or TSS-P,…
Toyota's active safety equipment is now standard.

A beginner's guide to plowing snow with a heavy-duty truck

I live in a desert, so the only things getting plowed around here are mud flows and brewer neighbors. But I enjoy machinery and haven't plowed any snow since a "loaded" truck meant one with A/C and a CD player, so I jumped at the chance for a plow primer in a Ram HD on a Canadian airfield. Running a plow is like welding – the basics come quickly but experience pays dividends. The first thing to deal with is a frequently changing horizon because, stout as they are, even three-quarter-ton…
First off, try not to get plowed.

McLaren offers some more detail about its hyper-GT F1 successor

We do know the BP23 will have a hybrid powertrain and the title of most powerful and aerodynamic road-going McLaren ever. What the hell does BP23 mean? McLaren dribbled out a little more info Wednesday on its upcoming "hyper-GT" car that's due in 2019. BP2 actually means this is McLaren Special Operations' second "bespoke project" and the 3 denotes that it has three seats. Pretty simple, eh? The company will not likely use the BP23 name in production. All of these future supercars are…
The most powerful and aerodynamic McLaren ever.

Financing a car 101: things you should know before you sign

You've searched, compared and haggled, and finally you've settled on the car you want at the price you're willing to pay. But, you still have to line up a loan to pay for it. Before you sign the financing sheet your dealer puts in front of you, you need to put the same effort into obtaining a loan. By shopping around and reading the fine print, you can potentially save yourself significant money, for years to come. Shop around You likely looked at several cars, in-person or online, before you…
You've searched, compared and haggled, and finally you've settled on the car you want at the price you're willing to pay.
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