2018 GMC Yukon Denali gets a sculpted new grille

More than half of all GMC Yukon and Yukon XL models sold wear top-level Denali trim. That's a profitable scenario for the automaker, so, perhaps above all else, GMC needs its premium Denali series of vehicles to continue to stand out in a line of trucks and SUVs at the dealership lot. Hence, chrome, and lots of it. But for 2018, GMC is blessing the behemoth Yukon Denali with an added dose of class with a new multi-dimensional grille. "The new grille, which is flanked by HID headlamps and LED…
Chrome. Lots and lots of chrome.
Spy Shots

Subaru testing a BRZ with STI badging and a big wing

Pretty much since the introduction of the Subaru BRZ and its identical Toyota- (or Scion-) badged twin, enthusiasts have been pining for a more powerful version, preferably with an STI badge and all the performance tweaks that come with it. So far though, Subaru has only shown a turbocharged concept that's now a couple of years old, as well as a Japan-only BRZ tS by STI, which only had suspension and handling upgrades. But now, spy photos show Subaru is working on another STI-badged BRZ, and…
There's no evidence of forced induction, though.

Video: Biker gets cut off on L.A. freeway, lands on car that keeps driving

CONTENT WARNING: The video above contains profanity - but when you see what happens to the motorcyclist, you'll understand the bad language. Watch it at your own peril if you're at work. A Southern California motorcyclist and motovlogger is lucky to be alive today after he rear-ended a car that cut him off in freeway traffic. On the morning of May 19, a rider who goes by the handle HD2 was southbound on the Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles. Traffic is pretty heavy on the 170 during rush hour,…
This is the stuff of nightmares for motorcyclists.

China's Geely buying majority stake in Lotus

Geely, the Hong Kong car company that owns Volvo, is acquiring control of British car company Lotus. Geely is purchasing a 51-percent stake in Lotus from struggling Malaysian car company Proton, and a 49.9 percent stake in Proton itself. Etika Automotive will gain the other 49 percent of Lotus. France's PSA Group and Japan's Suzuki had apparently also been interested in acquiring Proton. Geely says it plans to revive both Proton and Lotus. "The agreement lays the foundation for a wider…
Geely says it has plans to revitalize the Lotus brand.

See California's massive Highway 1 landslide in this aerial video

If you've planned a scenic coastal drive along California's beautiful Highway 1 in the near future, you'll have to find a detour past the Mud Creek portion that's been covered 40 feet deep by a massive landslide over the weekend. Sure, slides and road closures are a normal part of life, especially during winter, along the Pacific coast. As you'll see from this aerial video taken by the Monterey County Sheriff's Office, this one is of a particularly impressive scale. According to the LA Times,…
You can't drive it anymore, but you can enjoy the view from above in this footage.

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Should my teen go to driving school?

Driving a car involves a complex set of skills that teens have to practice in order to master. Parents who teach their children to drive tend to focus more on vehicle handling aspects - such as parallel parking - versus hazard recognition and…
Driving a car involves a complex set of skills that teens have to practice in order to master.

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Latest News

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