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Cheap, honest transportation | 2017 Toyota Yaris iA

In The Love Bug, the main character (aside from Herbie) is a down-on-his-luck racing driver named Jim Douglas. Early on, he steps into an exotic car show room, and when the dealer asks him kind of car he's looking for, Douglas replies, "What do you have in the way of cheap, honest transportation?" The dealer quickly snatches his fancy liquor back from Douglas and soon after Herbie shows up from the back of the showroom. But if this happened today, you could easily replace the classic Beetle…
The Yaris iA retains a winning combination of Scion value and Mazda engineering.
Spy Shots

Prototype Bentley Continental GT bears EXP10-style taillights

The latest Bentley Continental GT our spy photographer has caught happens to be in an unusual blue hue, breaking with the convention of black painted prototypes. It still features clever camouflage, including faux light covers. We already knew that the traditional quad lamps were hidden underneath, but it turns out that the true shape of the taillights were also obscured. Rather than an evolution of the current units, the new taillights seem to be slim, partial oval units similar to those on…
Faux body work also hides the height of the fenders.

The Tesla Model 3 revealed in final prototype form in Musk tweet

Elon Musk today tweeted a brief video, embedded below, of his upcoming Model 3 mid-size EV sedan in what he described as a "release candidate version." What that means, if you're not familiar with software development lingo, is that the car you see is pretty much representative of the finalized shape and features of the production car. (You can think of the release candidate as the final prototype step, which comes after beta versions.) That means that Tesla almost certainly won't make any…
This is a relatively finalized version of the upcoming car.
First Drive

Aspiration and evolution | 2018 Chevrolet Equinox First Drive

It's a new season in the timeline of the Chevrolet Equinox, and the all-new 2018 model is a spring forward for the popular American crossover. (This is the first week of Spring, remember?) In addition to refreshed looks that tie the Equinox aesthetically to its brandmates, plus a number of safety and technology updates, the Equinox is taking a big breath of fresh air with a trio of turbocharged engines under the hood. The first version to hit dealerships sports the smallest-displacement motor…
A big improvement on a model that needed it.

Dirty VW diesels sit in parking-lot limbo in Pontiac, Michigan

When Volkswagen agreed to buy back diesel cars that violated emissions regulations, it meant that the company was going to have to find places to store the cars. And there are literally lots of cars to store, as a representative from Volkswagen told us that a fourth of the 475,000 cars eligible for the buyback offer have been repurchased. Those repurchased cars are being stored at "regional facilities." One of those facilities is the parking lot of the former Detroit Lions stadium, seen above,…
And now the owners of the stadium where the cars are being held is in legal trouble.

Reasons to check insurance rates before buying your first car

When it comes to buying a first car, most people research various models and prices, figure out which cars fit their budget and then take a few for a test drive. After some negotiating, you may think you're ready to roll off the lot, but before you lock in your purchase you should look into the insurance rates. Required to drive your new car off the lot If you don't have insurance in place when you go buy your car, the dealer won't let you drive the car off the lot, according to esurance. In…
When it comes to buying a first car, most people research various models and prices, figure out which cars fit in their budget, and then take a few for a test drive.
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