Oregon fines man $500 for using math to challenge red-light cameras

Few things in this world are as universally despised as traffic cameras. After his wife received a ticket for tripping a red-light camera, Oregon resident Mats Järlström openly criticized the Orwellian devices and the mathematical formulas these cameras use. It seems Big Brother doesn't take too kindly to dissenters, as according to the Institute for Justice Järlström was fined $500 for violating a law that prohibits mathematical criticism without a license. Free speech is…
Oregon says someone with an engineering degree can't call themselves an engineer unless they have a license.

See the evolution of McLaren F1 cars in one GIF

If you dig racecars and history, you'll enjoy the .gif file on display below. It comes to us from the folks at automotive parts website, and it shows how McLaren's Formula 1 cars have changed from the very first one to this season's black and orange Honda-powered machine. And they have certainly changed. That very first car had scarcely an aerodynamic aid to the radically winged racer of today.It's also interesting to see how driver positioning has changed over the years.…
From bare bones to be-winged, this .gif has it all.

Hot Wheels Forza Horizon 3 expansion is a childhood dream come true

As cool as Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain expansion was (no pun intended, honestly), we're not sure it can compare with the upcoming Hot Wheels add-on. The car pack alone would be enough to make it one of the best bits of downloadable content for the game, what with the inclusion of the legendary Hot Wheels original, Twin Mill and Forza series veteran Bone Shaker. But the developers at Playground Games went a step further, and created life-sized Hot Wheels racetracks to compete on. On six…
The Twin Mill, jumps, and dinosaurs. It's awesome.
First Ride

First Ride: 2018 Volvo XC60 tackles Swedish test-and-torture track

GOTHENBURG, Sweden - The scene has just a touch of Jurassic Park about it. A gaggle of identical SUVs sit in a queue, in the middle of a remote forest, with a light drizzle falling on their glass moonroofs, the vehicles' occupants waiting for something to happen. But the dinosaur has been banished, the one these wooden stairs were built for: The original XC90 was Volvo's first SUV, and the most demanding feats of the off-road test course here at Volvo's test center north of Gothenburg were…
The XC60 has accounted for 30 percent of Volvo's yearly sales. The new model needs to match that.

1 in 7 Americans say they might buy an EV next, as sales of electrics surge

About one in seven driving Americans may likely purchase an electric vehicle as their next car, according to an AAA poll, meaning that as many as 30 million Americans may pony up for an EV within the next three to five years. While some of the motivation is environmental, survey recipients say that lower maintenance expenses and solo access to high-occupancy-vehicle lanes are also among the factors behind potentially going electric. Take a look at the AAA press release on the study here. The…
AAA poll indicates 30 million Americans may buy an electric vehicle within three to five years.



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