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Sternly worded letter incoming.

Sternly worded letter incoming.

It pulls a truck and seven trailers for miles

This diesel Land Rover is available in the U.S.

Vintage cars, motorcycles, aircraft and more featured at former racetrack

Brooklands Museum features classic vehicles, British aircraft and more

Prototypes dubbed Hunter and Killer are being tested to make airborne troops more mobile and informed

Army tests dune buggies for next-gen battle use

It included a Humvee with an automated machine gun targeting system.

Robots do the dirty work.

Tips, tools and tactics of elite warriors who fight on the move.

The toughest clients for an SUV are military operators who use them on overseas missions.

New information has come to light about the nature of this convoy.

65 trucks, each weighing 32 tons, should give wannabe terrorists pause.

The heavy objects are meant to act as a deterrent to anyone planning an attack like the one in Berlin.

It makes the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader look like a child's toy.

Tanks are so 20th century.

US pilots flying against ISIS get into the holiday spirit.

And they weren't delivering lumps of coal.

Experts say this should be a wake-up call to protect America's space infrastructure.

Russia claims its new anti-satellite weapon is only for defensive purposes against incoming enemy weapons.

Santa Claus is coming to town, according to continental aerospace military partnership.

Happy Alvistide everybody!

The first test flight lasted just under an hour.

Both pilot and passenger raved about the new jet's abilities over the short test flight.

Jet damaged, ground crew injured after "on-deck emergency" at WA base.

The Navy evacuated the injured ground crew to a Seattle hospital via search-and-rescue helicopter.

The move gives the British carriers a reason to exist.

The USMC will join the Royal Navy on the HMS Queen Elizabeth's first operational deployment.

DARPA wants to put gamers to work.

The program will pair ground troops with future UAV flotillas that will use player-developed strategies.

Because simply adding more static armor just isn't an option.

The Army wants tank operators to be able to remotely shuffle armor around their tank in response to threats.

There's more to the $4B price tag than PEOTUS lets on, of course.

The Air Force budgeted $2.9B for research and development, and $1 billion for acquisition of the two 747-8-based airliners.

It may be the biggest, most powerful vehicle ever featured on the show.

Ryan Tuerck on what it took to rip a 700-plus-hp BMW M3 sideways.

You have to see this and then read how it came together.

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