Tesla is a brand of all electric vehicles founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in San Carlos, California. The company's first product was the Tesla Roadster, which has been joined by the Model S sedan. Named for the famous inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, the company is currently headed by its CEO and PayPal co-founder Elon Musk.

2015 Tesla Model S
MSRP: $69,900 - $104,500
2014 Tesla Model S
MSRP: $69,900 - $93,400
Fortune ranks Mary Barra, Elon Musk among world's greatest leaders

Fortune's new World's Greatest Leaders list includes a few automotive bosses. GM CEO Mary Barra and Tesla boss Elon Musk are mixed in with people like Pope Francis and Apple leader Tim Cook.
Car and Driver makes a funny over Tesla dealer fight

'It Is The Dealership's Position That We Would Like Some Of The Money'

Looking for a more satirical take on the battle between direct sales and dealerships? This "letter" to Tesla from Car and Driver should make you happy then.
California's ongoing fight to limit EV rebates to lower-income buyers

Central Valley Politico Also Proposes Boosting Rebate To $3,500

California state senator proposes $40,000 price cap on rebate-eligible electric vehicles.

For Sale

2013 Tesla Model S
$80,000 / 26,146 miles / MD
2012 Tesla Model S
$70,000 / 26,032 miles / MD
2013 Tesla Model S
$72,000 / 9,341 miles / MD