Tesla Cars

From its beginnings in 2003, Tesla has been committed to bringing zero-emission vehicles to a global consumer at accessible price points. And while its first roadster, which went into production in 2008, and its Model S, first shown to the public in 2009, aren't offered at what most would term 'affordable', a new Model 3 has a scheduled onsale date of 2018 and will reportedly be priced at or around $35,000.

The Model S, with 200+ miles of all-electric range, is both a vibrant design exercise and a credible nod to 21st-century mobility. At present it's the brand's most affordable entry until, of course, the Model 3 debuts with an under-$40K price tag. If you're shopping for plug-in entertainment, the P100D option box should be checked, as this takes the Model S from fun to hyper fun. And the only thing more expensive than Tesla's Model X crossover with the P100D upgrades is two.

2016 Tesla Model X
2016 Tesla Model X
101 City / 102 HWY
2016 Tesla Model S
2016 Tesla Model S
88 City / 90 HWY
Tesla's big Autopilot update is now active on newer cars

Not all of the Enhanced Autopilot features will necessarily be active right away.
Tesla Model S 100D goes 335 miles per charge

Tesla quietly adds 100D models for just $3,000 more than the 90D

Dropping the 'P' adds miles to your range and saves you almost $40,000.
Tesla updates Referral Program, adds Annual Awards

Owners can win cars, vacations, and tickets to Tesla events.

Tesla is giving away Ludicrous P100D EVs, tickets to its Model 3 delivery event, a Powerwall 2, and more.

For Sale

2013 Tesla Model S
$54,888 / 20,162 miles / CA
2015 Tesla Model S
$72,881 / 12,714 miles / CA
2014 Tesla Model S
$49,799 / 34,558 miles / CA
This is how you engage Tesla's new Ludicrous Plus mode

Easter egg first asks if you want your Mommy.

The latest Tesla Easter egg has arrived in an over-the-air-update and decreases zero-to-sixty time for Model S and Model X P100D owners.
Tesla Model X P90D First Drive
We finally get to test drive the Tesla Model X. Despite all the fun we had, we noticed a few bugs. These might be a problem come time for the Model 3.
Tesla recalls 2,000 NEMA 14-30 charging adapters

The cause? Overheating.

Replacements are coming.
NTSB preliminary report: Tesla was speeding, Autopilot engaged

Model S was going 74 mph in a 65 mph zone.
Feds investigate Tesla Autopilot fatality

NHTSA is investigating the Tesla Model S and its Autopilot feature after a fatality in May.