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Production of the Volvo 240 would continue for another 12 years.

This two-door in a Denver wrecking yard is a rare Junkyard Gem indeed.

It's called the Auris overseas

It's got some wickedly wide headlights.

Volkswagen offers twice as much coverage as the old warranty

It's the best bumper-to-bumper warranty among mainstream cars.

An all-around improved car, now proven to be safer, too.

Every type of Camry headlight is acceptable or better.

BMW's coupe credentials continue to erode

It will compete with Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA.

He's a paramedic that helped out his town

He and his family lost their house and everything in it.

You might not want the cheapest one, though

You'll spend a little more to get the hatchback.

Check out that zebra-print camouflage.

This appears to be a Veloster Turbo model.

Pour one out for a terrific little hot hatch.

Get the current Fiesta ST while you can.

At least, there aren't official plans.

We suspect it may come here eventually.

A keen subcompact with signs of cost-cutting

Despite the crossover craze, Kia still sees value in the subcompact car segment.

It previews the future European Cee'd lineup

We would love it here in the States.

A small car on a big adventure through Eastern Europe (and the Nurburgring).

Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Warsaw, Dresden, Nürburgring, Wolfsburg, Berlin: You can reach them all with just 54 horsepower.

See all the details and photos

It's going to be a colorful little crossover.

The true successor to the Samurai.

Or G-Wagen doppelganger if you prefer.

The corporate grille continues to spread.

Our best look yet at America's first N car.

We also discuss a big Ram 2500 and find a way to spend your money.

Mazda has some cool stuff coming.

There are bad ways to get under $200/month on car payments. Here's a good way, on a good car.

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