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Why the weekend tradition of car waxing has been waning

Changing markets, younger generations force new strategies

Long Term
2019 Subaru Forester Touring Long-Term Update | Wet carpet

We find out what servicing a car during the coronavirus is like when our Forester springs a leak

These are the automakers least likely to flash a check engine light

A German luxury brand comes in first place

These are the top 10 car companies least likely to have vehicles that flash a check engine light.

Everything you should know about paying for a car wash

All those extras aren't worth what you're paying for them

Top 10 brands with the lowest repair cost to fix a check engine light

Some cars are a lot more expensive to fix than others

A check engine light can be caused by a number of issues, some minor and inexpensive and others potentially catastrophic. See which brands have the lowest average repair costs here.

YouTuber seems surprised his modified Tesla's warranty claim was denied

He apparently didn't know his extreme mods and actions would void his warranty

7 ways to save on car lease turn-in fees

How to avoid paying at the end of your lease

Coronavirus cleaning: Are you properly disinfecting your car's cabin?

We asked an expert how to keep a car clean without damaging the interior

Electric vehicles are changing the future of auto maintenance

Tires and glass emerge as dominant consumables of the EV era

Moving from internal combustion to electric power does more than reduce tailpipe emissions: it will fundamentally shatter today’s auto maintenance and service sector. With one-fifth the number of powertrain parts and an almost total elimination of oil (a), the typical automotive dealer will suffer 35% declines in maintenance and service revenue, or roughly $1,300, for an EV versus an internal combustion engine vehicle over a five-year period (b). Two of the top three maintenance items — oil ch

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Right-to-repair highlights snafus in the military, too

How can a Marine wage war without the ability to fix the equipment?

Ford proposes to pay $30M to settlement transmission lawsuit

It would reportedly pave the way for a buyback program of defective cars

Auto Accessories
This cleaning gel is the bestselling car detailing product on Amazon

Have you ever used a detailing tool that looks like Flubber?

Free repairs from nonprofit 'Hard Luck Automotive' for those who need it

'Most families are just one car repair bill from catastrophe'

Carmakers, repair shops clash over aftermarket parts for driver assist systems

Automakers try to corner the market on repairs to the complex systems

Given the unprecedented sophistication of the systems, which include lane-keeping assistance, automatic braking and blind spot detection, many automakers say only parts and repairs from their authorized dealers can ensure safety. This has drawn fire from the independent repair shops and suppliers that currently dominate the aftermarket. A Reuters review of automaker positions on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) repair and calibration showed that Nissan , its luxury division In

Airless tire makers hope for breakout moment with autonomous driving

AVs could mean greater demand for puncture-resistant tires.

Makers of airless tyres such as Japan's Bridgestone Corp. hope driverless cars will herald a breakthrough for their niche technology, which is more than a decade old but underperforms standard tyres in every way except resistance to puncture. Autonomous driving - and the eventual introduction of self-driving taxis - could mean greater demand for puncture-resistant tyres as greater usage of vehicles exposes them to more flat tyres. "In the past, a car would be driven about 20% of the time and s

Symptoms of a bad or failing ignition switch

Here's what you should be looking for

Some symptoms of a bad ignition switch include the car stalling while driving, starting then suddenly stalling and accessory power problems