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    Toyota's drastic overhaul to reportedly replace 40% of management

    In an effort to slow the crash, Toyota Motor Corp. is undertaking a massive overhaul and management reorganization next month when Akio Toyoda takes over as president. Toyoda, the grandson of Toyota's founder, will be officially appointed on June 23 at the annual shareholder's meeting. With the new ...

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    GM's Plan: Small cars making a big profit

    GM currently owns about 13% of the small car market. With demand for small vehicles increasing with the price of black gold, GM is out to increase that market share. Nevertheless, even if it doesn't increase its share, it plans to make more money off of each small car sold. How? By raising the ...

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    GM working to shrink its dealer network

    At the end of World War II, GM "put a dealership in every little hamlet" to keep up with the postwar boom. Sixty years later, in 2005, long after that boom had ended and every domestic maker was losing market share, GM had 15,094 dealerships. By 2007 GM had reduced that to 14,118 dealers. But if GM ...

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    Ford hybrids to turn a profit in 2008

    Ford's been cranking out hybrid CUVs on the CD2 platform for four years now, and with over 40,000 produced, it's gotten to be old hat. Since it started in 2004, Ford's managed to make the Escape, Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute 30-percent cheaper to build. That cost reduction, coupled with the ...

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    BMW running at 100% capacity, simultaneously irritating suppliers

    BMW's running full-bore as it strains to double its profit margin within the next five years. Across all 23 of the company's manufacturing locations, capacity is maxed out at 100-percent, and there's nary an extra Roundel badge to be had. As BMW pushes for a 10-percent profit margin, they're also ...

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    Chrysler stands to lose $1b in 2007?

    Steven Landry, Chrysler veep of North American sales, was speaking to a group of business students at St. Mary's University when he said that Chrysler will be taking in $64 billion in revenue this year and would spend $65 billion. It doesn't take an MBA to figure out that those quoted figures put ...

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    Toyota reports Q2 2007 earnings... yup, they're up

    Toyota reported its earnings today for the second quarter that ended on June 30th, and not surprisingly, profits are up. Bolstered partly by a weak Yen, Toyota's operating profits rose 31.8% to $5.48 billion USD. Revenue was up 15.7% to $52.92 billion and sales were up 7.1% to 2,365,000 (Side Note: ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #72

    We tried hard to get a podcast going last week, but it just wasn't good enough. This week, the internet gods smiled on us with solid connections that cleared the way for our incisor-sharp banter. Kicking off #72, we discuss the dual surprise from Ford and GM - profit! The US operations showed ...

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    Running of the bull: Lamborghini quadruples its first-half profit

    A little bit ago, Stephan Winkleman was declaring that, as far as Lamborghini goes, "the results will speak for themselves." Now, he is proved right. These are the kinds of black and white numbers -- especially black -- that any business salivates at the chance to tell analysts: in all of 2006 ...

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    Turnaround intact: GM posts Q2 profit of $891mil

    This morning, General Motors announced its second quarter earnings, which saw the giant automaker earn $891 million in Q2 compared to a loss of $3.4 billion last year that had analysts wondering whether the automaker would be around for today's announcement. GM's performance in the second quarter ...

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    Eight was Enough: Ford posts second quarter profit of $750 million

    After seven straight quarters of posting losses, Ford has surprised the industry by reporting a net profit of $750 million for the second quarter of 2007. Last year this time the company reported a loss of $317 million. The profit did not come from car sales in North America, as that figure dropped ...

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    First time for everything: Maserati makes profit in Q2

    For the first time since it was purchased by the Fiat Group back in 1990, Maserati has recorded a profit. In the second quarter of this year, the Italian exotic automaker earned a €1 million trading profit, though that doesn't count special one-off items that could increase or decrease that ...

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    Subprime housing market hurts GM's Q1 profit

    The good news is that GM posted a profit of $62 million, which is the company's second consecutive quarterly profit. The bad news is that the $62 million represents a 90% decline in profits from the first quarter of 2006, which were $602 million. There is a silver lining: the drop is due to losses ...

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    Spyker turns a profit for the first time

    For the first time since its establishment in 2000, Spyker will finally be in the black. With revenues for 2006 up to 36 million euros, the quirky Dutch supercar builder was able to net 800,000 euros through the sale of some 94 vehicles last year.Although less than 100 vehicles per year doesn't ...

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    GM makes a buck in Q4 2006

    General Motors reported its delayed fourth quarter earnings today and, lo and behold, managed to earn a net income of $950 million in the waning months of 2006. Compare that with last year's Q4 loss of $6.6 billion, and today's news is all the more incredible. Again, those tricky one-time items ...

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    Porsche denies optimistic earnings per car report

    A report released by B&D Forecast revealed that Porsche made more money per car it sold than any other manufacturer. Not only that, it's reported profit of €21,799 per vehicle dwarfed that of second place BMW, which reportedly earns €2,475 per vehicle. When we first heard about this ...

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    GM getting its priorities straight for 2007

    The last couple of years have been tough ones for General Motors. They've bought out tens of thousands of employees and had to deal with the collapse of Delphi Automotive Systems. At the same time they've been developing dozens of new vehicles, several of which were unveiled at this week's Detroit ...

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    Lutz claims GM will cut fleet sales by 100k in 2007

    Dang, it looks like everyone will have to dream up a new way to insult the four-door Cobalt. GM's Bob Lutz has announced that sales to fleet companies will be curtailed to the tune of 100,000 vehicles this year. The reduction is part of an ongoing effort to boost the resale value of General Motors ...

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    Ford restates earnings and finds an extra $550 million in Q3

    The accountants over at Ford have cleaned off their desks looking for every available financial number between 2001 and 2005 and discovered the company had actually made more money than it originally reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In fact, the $5.8 billion net loss the ...

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    GM posts a smaller Q3 loss than expected

    The business world has always confounded us for being a place where one can celebrate with champagne after not posting a profit for three months, if only for the fact that you didn't lose as much money as people thought you would. Such is the case with General Motors, which today announced that it ...


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