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    Mulally on Ford: "We are competitive now."

    If we were cynics, we could say that Ford just happened to get stuck in deep doo-doo when America's credit markets were still reasonably flexible. When Ford leveraged all of its assets, right down to its logo, the most difficult part was probably not getting the money, it was probably swallowing ...

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    Mulally confirms Ford isn't seeking federal funds

    Ford won't be joining General Motors and Chrysler on any return trips to Uncle Sam's Bailout Buffet. The automaker plans to stay in Dearborn and cook dinner at home, so says CEO Alan Mulally, who told reporters at the NADA convention, "We don't want to borrow any more money. We have sufficient ...

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    Ford CEO Alan Mulally to keynote CES

    Looks like the biggest gadget convention on Earth is becoming the place for big automotive announcements. You'll remember that two years ago at the Consumer Electronics Show, Ford and Microsoft announced their partnership on Ford's SYNC system, and last January General Motor's CEO Rick Wagoner ...

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    Tracinda meets with Bill and Al, talks turnaround

    Despite the rumors of contentiousness surrounding Kirk Kerkorian's Tracinda Corporation and its agitation in Dearborn, Ford reports that a recent talk between Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr., CEO Alan Mulally, and the investment firm were informal and positive. Never a shrinking violet, ...

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    Desperate times: Ford will retool truck plants to build cars

    Ford's recent announcement to reduce its white collar workforce costs by 15% shows that Mulally & Co. are dead-serious about turning around the Dearborn, MI automaker. The newest twist in the FoMoCo saga takes the situation from serious to near desperate, as plant managers and union ...

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    Ford's "effing" problem needs a fix

    Towards the end of 2003, Ford unveiled the Freestar. It was a lousy minivan, and its name wasn't much better. From there the f-bombs started pouring in with the Freestyle, Five Hundred, and Fusion. Ford had a Shakespearean stranglehold on alliteration, but outside of the decent success of the ...

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    Business Week grades Mulally's first year

    Alan Mulally took over as Ford's CEO one year ago this month, and some of you may be wondering how he's doing. Business Week magazine says he's doing pretty good, actually, despite a 16% decline in sales last month, a stock price less than the cost of a used CD and the piecemeal selloff of PAG. BW ...

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    Mulally suggests a return to "Have You Driven A Ford Lately?"

    Resurrecting the Taurus name isn't the only element from Ford's past that Alan Mulally thinks should make a comeback. Despite having one of their best lineups ever and winning accolades, customers have other makes further up on their list. Potential buyers who actually check out what Ford has to ...

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    Mulally makes it official: Next Focus and Fusion based on global platforms

    Despite not being official, we've known for some time that Ford CEO Alan Mulally wants to increase the number of platforms shared by its U.S. and European divisions. It's something Ford fanboys have been demanding for some time, and yesterday Mulally officially confirmed that the next-gen Focus and ...

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    Mulally not proposing a gas tax - but he's not against it

    The hallmark of the environmental debate is that there are so many important players on so many different sides. Eminent scientists and intellectuals have taken every side of the debate, challenging their eminent colleagues. When it comes to the two most involved and highly charged players, the ...

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    From the "That Was Yesterday" files: Jag, Land Rover, Volvo are on the block

    In April, Mulally said Jaguar was part of the Way Forward plan and wasn't going to be sold, but needed to get its act together. News today, however, is that Ford has been trying to sell Jaguar and Land Rover to Fiat ever since February. Ford has also retained Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #63 [Enhanced]

    The enhanced version of the Autoblog Podcast #63 has again been rendered out for your visual consumption. In part one of #63, we talk about the next Suzuki Swift coming to the United States. In the podcast's second section we give quite a bit of time to the Alan Mulally - George Bush - hydrogen ...

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    Bill Ford, Jr. on FoMoCo's Way Forward: everything still on the table

    Ford, Mulally, and Ford. Unlike the Three Musketeers, in this case it's all for two -- Bill Ford, Jr. and Alan Mulally -- and those two for one: Ford Motor Company. An eye-opening article called "Driven to the Brink" in the first issue of Portfolio magazine features a lengthy look at Ford and an ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #63

    It's nice to be back in the swing of things. We're once again cranking out weekly podcasts, and #63 is a compact one. We start off salivating over the news that the next generation Suzuki Swift will be headed for US shores. We devolve from discussing an unsubstantiated rumor into wistful praise ...

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    Ford keeping Jaguar in the house: Mullaly says "We're 100 percent behind them"

    Plain and simple, Alan Mulally is keeping the cat in the house. While admitting that there is a ways to go in the Ford turnaround plan, he asserts that, unlike Aston Martin, Jaguar will remain in the stable, citing the fact that "Jaguar is on a really good plan" as the reason "why we're investing ...

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    Alan Mulally, super hero: Ford CEO saves President Bush's life

    Allan Mulally has already lived a very successful life, having helped save American icon Boeing, then taking over the reigns as Ford Motor Company's Chief Executive Officer. Now he has added 'the guy that saved President Bush' to the list. Mr. Mulally used his media audience at the New York Auto ...

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    Mulally sees salvation in working with others

    Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally wants Ford to succeed, and he'll do anything in his power to make sure it will happen. When he's not busy selling cars at the local Ford dealership, Mulally has been occupied talking to other automakers regarding possible component and plant sharing. In an ...

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    Ford's cost of recovery: Over $11 Billion for accelerated restructuring

    In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that surfaced yesterday, Ford estimated that it the accelerated restructuring plan announced last September will cost $11.2 billion when the books are finally balanced. In other words, it will cost Ford$11.2 billion to let go of 38,000 hourly ...

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    Alan Mulally making friends fast, receives a raise

    Alan Mulally went to Ford to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and now he'll be able to afford more Hubba Bubba. It's really a stock option bump -- from $5 to $6 million -- as a reward for taking FoMoCo by its earlobes and attempting to drag it out of the mire it's stuck in. We have seen more focus out ...

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    When it rains, it pours: Ford's forward momentum slighted

    Right now the thing Ford needs more than anything else is competitive product. They're doing everything they can to get those products to market, but it takes time. They can't tell us what the product is because it would further-deteriorate their competitive position, so we just have to wait and ...


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