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    Video: Ferrari F50 with Tubi exhaust sounds The Business, shoots flames

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    So let's say you've got yourself a Ferrari F50, and it just doesn't quite have the exhaust-flame-to-throttle ratio you'd hoped for. Never fear! A company by the name of Tubi will be more than happy to provide you with a set of pipes that will not only ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Ferrari 458XX developmental track-car

    Ferrari has stumbled upon one heck of a formula with its XX development programs. They've found that their most wealthy clients aren't just willing to help Maranello develop new components for future supercars, they're actually willing to pay for the privilege. And pay big, too – as in $2 ...

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    Felipe Massa comes home to Maranello, meets the new 458 Italia, laps Fiorano, smiles for fans [w/VIDEO]

    Felipe Massa's homecoming – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but for Felipe Massa, it must feel like it's been an eternity since he's been up to speed. The Brazilian Formula One driver hasn't been at work since July when he suffered a ...

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    VIDEO: Michael Schumacher gives us a walk around of the Ferrari 458 Italia

    Michael Schumacher on the 458 Italia: Click above to watch the video after the jump
    The marketing team in Maranello has been putting in a lot of effort to keep the Internets drooling over Ferrari's newest creation, the 562 hp 458 Italia, with a steady flow of information hitting the web. The ...

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    Ferrari California receives 500 HP attitude adjustment at the hands of Edo Competition

    Ferrari California by Edo Competition - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Despite its position as the 'approachable' Prancing Horse, Ferrari's new California folding hardtop is a heck of an impressive drive all the way around. However, that hasn't stopped some quarters from suggesting that ...

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    Feed For Speed: Restaurant issues free pizza for speeding tickets near Ferrari HQ?

    Officials in Maranello, Italy are cracking down on speeders outside the famous Ferrari factory, as bi-directional radar cameras have been placed on Via Giardini leading to and from the factory. The cameras are sure to nab plenty of Ferrari test drivers, as well as some of the 200,000 patrons who ...

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    Schumacher gets down with new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE [w/VIDEO]

    Click above to watch video of Schumacher talking Ferrari after the jump
    When he's not racing superbikes or reliving the good old days, seven-time Formula World Champion Michael Schumacher gets his thrills testing new Ferrari supercars. The Prancing Horse recently had Schumi take a 599 GTB with the ...

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    Patent search confirms Ferrari working on all-wheel drive hybrid

    Ferrari all-wheel-drive hybrid patent images - Click above for an image gallery
    We've known for quite some time that Ferrari was working on a hybrid sportscar, so it's not too surprising to see these patents for a new all-wheel-drive vehicle with hybrid propulsion filed by Ferrari back in ...

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    VIDEO: Audi drives R8 straight into the heart of Ferrari country

    Click above to watch the commercial of an R8 V10 cruising through Maranello
    The residents of Maranello used to the sight of rakish red two-door sheetmetal roaring under the impulse of several hundred horsepower – and they still do. Except when that metal hides a ten-cylinder engine and wears ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Ferrari F142 taking shape

    CAR Magazine is running a new sketch of what they anticipate the newest V8 Ferrari will look like, and we have to say, we're a little disappointed. Internally dubbed the Ferrari F142, Maranello's replacement for the F430 is inching closer to its first public showing, and although we've seen some ...

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    Rare Ferrari 250 TR expected to break records at RM's Maranello auction

    Click on the image above for a high-res gallery of the 1957 Ferrari 250 TR
    With its stunning pontoon-fendered bodywork sculpted by Scaglietti, the Ferrari 250 TR is not only one of the most beautiful cars ever built, it was one of the most competitive as well. Ferrari captured ten victories in ...

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    VIDEO: Ferrari F430 Scuderia pre-reveal

    Evidently Ferrari decided that it couldn't wait to to unveil a track-bred sports car like the F430 Scuderia on a static auto show stage in Frankfurt. Instead Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo was accompanied by F1 drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen as they pulled the tarp of the lighter, ...

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    Magic Bus - Pete Townshend's 550 Maranello for sale

    Pete Townshend, famously cranky guitarist of The Who, has put his '99 Ferrari 550 Maranello up for sale. Known for smashing up his gear, our theory is that Pete only continues that anti-authoritarian gesture for show, and he doesn't break the good stuff. We've seen him break lots of Stratocasters, ...

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    Ferrari auction nets record ???6,875,000 bid

    click above image for more picsRM Auctions and Sotheby's just concluded an historic auction at Ferrari headquarters that produced the greatest price ever paid for a Ferrari. Among the nearly $50 million worth of Ferraris sold, the record LeMans-winning 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM Testa Rosa Spyder was ...

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    $10m TestaRossa headlines upcoming auction of rare Ferraris

    Click above to view the high-resolution image gallery For those who like their meat rare and red, news has come of the most scrumptious slab of automotive prime rib. At its upcoming event in Maranello, RM Auctions will be putting up on the block one of the rarest and most valuable Ferraris in ...

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    Ferrari School: New technical training facility opens in Maranello

    All those wasted years sitting in ordinary classrooms, drawing pictures of cars in our notebooks. We should have gone to Ferrari school! The Prancing Horse marque has just inaugurated its new Training Center with a 1,200 square-meter facility near the factory in Maranello. The new Ferrari ...

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    Ferrari to embark on 50 country tour to celebrate 60th anniversary

    Ask any red-blooded Ferrari tifosi and they'll recognize the significance of the year 1947. That was the year the magic started. It was the year that il commendatore, Enzo Ferrari, started selling the first cars that bore his name. Many world championships, street car accolades, and happy customers ...

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    At Maranello Village, the Prancing Horse follows you home

    Is it just us, or is Ferrari slowly taking its place as the Disney of the automotive world? With an ever-expanding merchandise empire, a theme park, and even placement in an animated film, the Wonderful World of Enzo just keeps on growing. Now Ferrari personnel, for their part, will never have to ...

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    Special for Ferrari: Alcoa opens new aluminum plant in Modena

    Aluminum giant Alcoa has opened a new facility in Modena specifically to provide aluminum space frames and components to Ferrari. The two companies began collaborating in 1994, when Ferrari determined that the lightweight metal was the way to go to reduce weight and improve the dynamics of its ...

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    More details on new Dino from Ferrari

    What we wouldn't give to have a somewhat more affordable new Ferrari available in dealerships today. Something at maybe half the current price of an F430. Something that can get by with only 300 hp. Something that is lighter and more nimble but still has the style and visceral appeal of the ...


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