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lotus elise

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    Tesla Motors and Lotus announce matching recall notices

    Tesla Roadster - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tesla Motors has announced its first-ever recall, affecting all 345 Roadsters the Silicon Valley automaker produced in 2008. According to the official recall notice from the NHTSA, the rear hub flange bolts on some vehicles may not be ...

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    VIDEO: One-make Lotus Elise racing is crowded, thrilling

    Click above to see the video of Dean Evans going from 16th to 1st in one lap
    It is the lap every driving simulator player dreams of putting together – except this one was real. It actually happened way back in 2005 (but has just come to our attention now and was too good to pass up), when ...

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    Lotus releasing Elise Purist Edition for $43,995

    Lotus Elise - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Rumors have been circulating for almost a week that Lotus was planning to release a stripped-down, low-cost version of the Elise in the States. Today, we finally received confirmation from Lotus' U.S. PR-man, Kevin Smith, that indeed, the ...

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    Naked carbon-fiber Lotus Elise roaming Hong Kong

    Click above for full gallery of pics of this carbon-fiber Lotus Elise
    A couple SEMAs ago, we stumbled across a carbon-fiber Lotus Exige that had our salivary glands working overtime. With Colin Chapman's ethos of "adding lightness" to his designs, it seemed like the perfect application of the ...

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    Top 10 Cars You Should Never Drive on a First Date

    var digg_url = ''; It was the Spring of '93 and I was living large in my 1988 Dodge Omni. The little hatch was white with a burgundy interior, smelled like fast food and usually carried a substantial coat of dirt and grime that held ...

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    Dodge EV takes to the streets

    Click above for hi-res gallery of the Dodge EV in the wild
    While a lot of the legwork was done for them by Lotus, we still have to give Chrysler a little credit for getting an electric vehicle prototype on the road so quickly. When we first saw the Dodge EV a couple of months ago, it looked like ...

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    Fiat considering Dino-badged Elise

    Say Dino, and people immediately think of something Italian. Most likely, you'll think of either a Rat-Pack crooner or a Ferrari, but there's a third Dino, and that's the one we're talking about. Fiat's thinking of resurrecting its Dino sub-brand with a version of the next generation of Lotus ...

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    Lotus broadens production, market for Jim Clark Elise

    Click for updated gallery of the Lotus Clark Type-25 Elise SC Lotus has a dedicated following around the world, and many of them were undoubtedly disappointed that the first special edition of the new supercharged Elise was limited to just 25 examples, all of which were sold within the UK and ...

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    Project Kahn and Lotus team up on 60th anniversary Elise

    Click above for a gallery of the Lotus Elise by Kahn.Special edition Elises are becoming a dime-a-dozen, but Lotus decided Kahn Design should be tasked with creating its own bespoke version of the Elise to celebrate the automaker's 60th anniversary.Kahn, primarily known for its body-kit-equipped ...

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    Next generation Lotus Elise to underpin Abarth sports car

    Rumors of a new sports car from Abarth have been circulating for months, and although details are still sketchy, one thing's for sure: a mid-mounted engine is part of the package. Autocar is confirming previous rumors that Fiat's sport division has struck a deal with Lotus to use the next Elise as ...

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    Lotus Clark Type-25 Elise SC Special Edition

    Click above for a high-res pic of the Lotus Clark Type-25 Elise SCLotus is releasing its first special edition supercharged Elise, the Clark Type 25 Elise SC, to honor legendary F1 driver Jim Clark who died four decades ago at the Hockenheim circuit. The British Racing Green and yellow color combo ...

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    Seat Time: Getting intimate with the 2008 Lotus Challenge Series

    Click above for a high-res gallery from the Lotus Challenge Series.Jack Fried is barely audible under the stentorian sound of the supercharged four behind our heads. With two helmets worth of plastic and padding between his strained, soft-spoken voice and my assaulted ears, I'm only able to make ...

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    Lotus wants to be on the cutting edge of green

    Lotus may already have one of the greenest line of vehicles, with both the Elise and Exige easily reaching into the 30-mpg range when driven with restraint, but Mike Kimberley wants Lotus to be pioneers of green engineering.Lotus' CEO made comments alluding to the automaker's goal of providing ...

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    Lotus planning entrance into India

    Like any automaker looking to solidify its future in the next five ten fifty years, Lotus is beginning a plan to enter the Indian market. The producer of our favorite minimalist motoring experience is beginning to scout out potential dealers throughout the country, and is expected to bring a ...

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    Celebrating four decades of Hethel-built Loti: Limited-edition Lotus Elise S

    Click the image above for more shots of the 40th Anniversary Lotus Elise.To commemorate 40 years of dutiful production at the Lotus plant in Hethel, our favorite purveyors of minimalist motoring will be offering 50 lucky customers the chance to pick up a celebratory Elise in a limited edition hue. ...

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    For shame! Cupholder option in new Lotus Exige S

    We were as taken-aback as the blokes over at Autocar when they discovered that the new, Performance Pack-equipped, Lotus Exige S came with an optional cup-holder. "It can't be true!" we screamed to the God of Oversteer, but it is, and although it's as minimal as it can get, it still seems like a ...

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    LA 2007: Lotus blossoms from Elise/Exige to Eagle to Esprit

    Large high-res gallery of all of the Lotus models available by clicking aboveThis week in LA, veteran Lotus development engineer Roger Becker told the assembled press about the changes we'll see in the Elise and Exige for 2008. He also talked a bit about some of the changes happening at the factory ...

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    Lotus "Eagle" coming in 2008

    Lotus has plans: the Elise is going to get a detuned Exige engine (220 BHP without an intercooler), a new Exige SR model will feature launch and traction control systems, California series Elise and Exige models are in the pipeline for the boulevard cruising crowd, and Lotus is also going to inject ...

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    Lotus powers up Elise, Exige for 2008

    Click image for photo galleryFor 2008, Lotus has turned up the heat on its Elise and Exige sports cars. The Lotus Elise SC is a 220-horsepower variant powered by a new, compact, non-intercooled supercharger mated to the standard 1.8L engine. Identifiable by its model-exclusive wheels and a new rear ...

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    Chameleon A8 - an Audi that drives like an Elise, GTI, Getz and E-Class!

    Audi has seen the future, and the future is exciting; at least in Ingolstadt. Engineers at Audi have cooked up the automotive equivalent of the Focusrite Liquid Mix. An A8L has been pressed into service as the basis for Audi's emulator, having been modified with extra hydraulics, an active steering ...


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