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land rover defender

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    Report: Land Rover bringing updated DC100 Defender concept to LA

    We were all surprised when we arrived in Frankfurt a couple of months ago to find Land Rover there with not one, but two distinct versions of the DC100 concept: one hardtop and one open-air model. But when the LA Auto Show opens later this month, Land Rover is set to unveil a third version. We ...

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    Report: Land Rover Defender to soldier on until 2017

    Autocar reports that the Land Rover Defender will be around a good bit longer than we thought. The vehicle may stay on dealer lots until at least 2017 thanks in part to a new 2.2-liter diesel engine that can meet more stringent EU6 emissions standards. Originally, a successor to the long-running ...

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    Official: All-new Land Rover Defender coming in 2015

    The new Land Rover Defender cometh in 2015, so sayeth – officially – Land Rover. When it released information and photos on the DC100 concept not long ago, the accompanying press release stated "Land Rover confirms its intention to launch a new Defender in 2015." Bringing a spot of ...

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    Land Rover DC100 gets rendered out

    Yesterday, Land Rover released the first image and details (however few) of the new DC100 concept it's bringing to Frankfurt, and it carries with it the promise of the next-generation Defender – an off-roader so accomplished and so ubiquitous that calling it the Sir Edmund Hillary (or ...

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    Official: Land Rover previews new Defender with Frankfurt-bound DC100 concept

    Few vehicles have been on (or off) the road as long as the Land Rover Defender. It's one of those few true icons of the automobile, and replacing it will be no easy task. But that's precisely what Land Rover is gearing up to do. Capable as the outgoing Defender is, you see, it hardly teeters on ...

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    Vilner luxes out the Land Rover Defender

    Even among the most capable of off-roaders, some are luxurious and some are decidedly spartan. One look at the bare-bones interior of a Land Rover Defender and you'll know exactly where it stands. But some will inevitably want their Defender decked out with all the comforts they'd expect of its ...

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    Report: Land Rover Defender concept expected in Frankfurt

    The British are invading Germany. Not with tanks or planes, but with a new Land Rover Defender concept that is set to make its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Land Rover reportedly believes its time to make an important decision regarding the future of the Defender, and that means a new ...

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    Report: Will Land Rover abandon the Defender?

    The Land Rover Defender may not be sold here in the United States, but its presence in the global automotive marketplace is huge. It's Britain's Wrangler. Much like the Jeep off-roader or even the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, the Defender's core styling and functionality hasn't changed much over the ...

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    Axeon unveils an all-electric Land Rover Defender for safaris

    What's the point of going on safari if your truck's rumble and exhaust sully the experience? That's what Axeon and Land Rover have reasoned, teaming up with the solution you see here. Developed in collaboration with JLR South Africa, this Defender 110 – a long-wheelbase model with an ...

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    Fuoriserie Torino takes the Land Rover Defender on picnic

    There are any number of remote locales you'd expect to see a Land Rover Defender. Crossing the desert. Traversing a battlefield. Climbing a mountain. Strolling through a vineyard? Okay, sure... why not. But this particular Defender isn't just taking the weekend off. This is where it belongs. Or ...

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    Report: Land Rover gearing up for all-new Defender

    There's something deliciously old-school about the Land Rover Defender. The product of continuous development since 1948 and produced in its current form since 1983, the Defender is to SUVs what the Porsche 911 is to sports cars: unapologetically faithful to its original form. But while the ...

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    Muscles in Brussels: Land Rover launches Defender X-Tech edition in Belgium

    Land Rover Defender X-Tech Limited Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Belgians may not be known as much for military prowess as, say, for beer or waffles – at least not since conquering the Congo, anyway – but Brussels is also the seat of the North Atlantic ...

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    Startech sets sail with the Land Rover Defender Yachting Edition

    Land Rover Defender 90 Yachting Edition by Startech – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Think of yachts and you'll likely conjure up images of opulence and luxury. The Land Rover Defender 90, less so. Don't get us wrong here: the Defender is one of the most capable and desirable ...

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    Next Defender expected in 2014 but Land Rover suffering from lack of focus?

    Land Rover Fire and Ice Defenders – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Land Rover seems to be having some trouble figuring out how to go about putting its plan for the successor to the Defender throne into motion. According to Autocar, the company knows what attributes the vehicle ...

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    Land Rover to launch production in India

    Land Rover Defender – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tata Motors CEO Carl-Peter Forster has announced Land Rover production would begin in India in 2011 and Jaguar is looking for a partner to produce cars within China. Although Forster didn't announce which model would be built in ...

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    Aznom and Romeo Ferraris trick out the Land Rover Defender

    Land Rover Defender by Aznom and Romeo Ferraris – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Form and function dictate the design of just about every vehicle on the market today. But if there's one that prioritizes the latter over the former, it's surely the Land Rover Defender. Produced ...

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    Report: Next Land Rover Defender due in 2014, may be a hybrid

    A replacement for the Land Rover Defender, an SUV for which the word "venerable" could have been invented, has been given the greenest of green lights by parent company Tata. The now 62-year-old go-anywhere-and-then-some truck is expected in 2014, and is being worked on now under the codename ...

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    REPORT: Land Rover replacing 61-year-old Defender model

    2008 Land Rover Defender SVX - Click above for high-res photo gallery
    There aren't very many vehicles on our blue planet that have soldered on for 61 straight years, but the Land Rover Defender comes up on the short list. The Defender is reason numero uno why Land Rover has the off-road superstar ...

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    Land Rover takes the Defender to new heights with Fire & Ice editions

    Land Rover Defender Fire & Ice editions – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It doesn't get more back-to-basics than the Land Rover Defender. While most of the world's most hard-core off-roaders – Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes G-Wagen, Hummer H2 – have all gone luxed-out, ...

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    Land Rover 6x4 Puma Concept not one to mess with

    The Land Rover Defender is already a pretty badass vehicle. So how do you make a no-frills, no-nonsense off-roader even more badass? Why, add more wheels, of course! That's the approach taken by Land Rover Malaysia and Sasbilt Technologies Malaysia, which together built the behemoth you see above. ...


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