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    Porsche finds new configuration for four wheels with a pair of street bikes

    If you were surprised when Porsche started producing SUVs and four-door sedans, wait until you get a look at these. Following recent bicycles created by (or for) the likes of Mini, Maserati, McLaren and Land Rover, Zuffenhausen's merchandizing division Porsche Design has just added a pair of new ...

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    Official: Mini designs its own folding bike

    Old world cities like London and Paris suffer from brutal traffic congestion in their downtown cores. That's where a car like a Mini or Smart truly shines. But even a small hatchback can have trouble getting around when things really get tied up. That's where a folding bike comes in handy. ...

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    Maserati pedals back in time with retro Montante 8CTF bicycle

    When an automaker designs (or at least lends its name to) a bicycle, it serves more than just as a two-wheeled mechanical transport: it embodies what the brand stands for. So when Lexus made one, it was a hybrid. When McLaren did, it was streamlined and made out of carbon fiber. The BMW M ...

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    This is what it looks like when an F1 team makes a bicycle [w/video]

    If you were going to ride a bicycle designed by a British automaker, who would you want to build it – Land Rover or McLaren? If it were a mountain bike, maybe Land Rover. But for a racing bike like this one, we'll go with McLaren. Shortly after the debut of the Range Rover Evoque road ...

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    Land Rover gives the Evoque an extra set of wheels

    Automakers designing bicycles is nothing new. Sometimes they're radical departures on the age-old wheeled machine, and sometimes they're new takes on the same classic form. The latest appears to be the latter, but that doesn't make it any less desirable. Designed by Land Rover's design team to ...

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    BMW M division cranks out a human-powered bike

    BMW M Bike – Click above for high-res image
    There aren't a lot of automakers also making motorcycles. Honda, Suzuki, Peugeot, BMW... along with Triumph once upon a time and Yamaha dabbling in the automotive consultancy business. That just about covers it. But there are plenty churning out ...

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    BERU Factor 001: Formula 1 engineers create a bicycle

    Ever wonder what F1 engineers could make if they didn't have to comply with the regulations governing the sport? Well, here you just might have your answer. Only it's not a car, it's a bicycle. The product of British engineering firm BERU F1 Systems, the Factor 001 very well might be the ...

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    Return of Paperboy? Honda unveils Bicycle Simulator

    You remember Nintendo's Paperboy, right? Back in Triassic era of videogames, you had to deliver the day's print to the right house while not getting run over by a car or taken out by a tire. Not exactly the most direct way to learn bicycle safety, but it was fun. A more efficient way to stay ...

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    Mercedes introduces new range of bicycles

    New Mercedes Benz bikes - click above for a high-res gallery
    Mercedes Benz has announced an updated and expanded range of bicycles for 2009/2010. The new lineup includes two-wheelers of all shapes and sizes, including a pair of kids bikes. For more grown-up riders, Mercedes offers a range of ...

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    VIDEO: London mayor nearly killed on cycle while doing recon for new city bike routes

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    On AutoblogGreen, we regularly promote the idea of parking your car and using an alternative form of transportation whenever it's practical. For those living in urban environments, cycling is a common and often faster approach compared to driving, and ...

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    Buy a VW Rabbit, get a bike... if you live in Chicago

    Volkswagen has been down this road before with the Jetta Trek back in the late '90s. This time, though, they're putting a green spin on it. Lime, to be exact. Chi-town Volkswagen dealers are giving buyers a bicycle and roof rack for the next month. The premise is that the dealer will encourage you ...

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    Bike-bound man achieves .74 horsepower on dyno

    OK, this is pretty funny. Middle aged man on a bicycle pedaling away on a dyno, while he's cheered on by Mrs. Cable Guy and the rest of the team. The result is a reported 0.74 horsepower. Can only guess what Lance Armstrong might do, but we digress. We suppose the subject's name is Phil, as that's ...

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    VIDEO: Bicyclist outruns cops in high speed chase

    Now, we certainly don't want to look like we condone this sort of thing, but OMG is this hilarious! A biker manages to evade police during a freeway chase and even wreck a cruiser in the process. Might not sound too special until you realize the "bike" is a bicycle, not a motorcycle. This guy is ...

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    Entry-level BMW for the playground market

    BMW launched another new model this week, a freshened version of its Kids' Bike. Targeted at the 2 1/2 to 6 year-old BMW demographic, the bike has easily removable pedals so that kids learning to ride can keep their feet on the ground and use it as a push-bike. Once the child is comfortable with ...

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    VIDEO: Bicycle donuts

    You know, not everyone can afford to waste tires by doing donuts in the parking lot using their own car. For that matter, not everyone can afford a car. Those lacking the funds to drift and do donuts all day long in their daily driver may want to check out this video. It's cheaper, safer and a ...

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    Nice rack: Vauxhall courts cyclists with 2007 Corsa five-door

    General Motors of Europe imprint Vauxhall has released some photos of its upcoming five-door Corsa, in advance of the car's debut at the British International Motorshow. Like the three-door version we've show Autoblog readers before, the five-door Corsa carries over much of the three-door's ...

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    Goodyear blows out 1,500 jobs, shutters European plants

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber has announced plans to slash 1,500 jobs in an effort to save $50 million dollars. The world's largest tire company will reach those goals in part by shuttering plants in Britain and Poland. Part of its restructuring efforts that began last September, the manufacturer ...


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