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    Forget Gran Turismo, Bus Driver is greatest next-gen driving sim

    Click above for more screen shots of Bus DriverWhen I was in Kindergarten, I rode Bus 11. It was an oil-burning 32-passenger GMC that was ready for retirement by 1982. It was driven by Sarge. I'm not sure why she was called Sarge, but her demeanor definitely lived up to the moniker. Frequent ...

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    Spirit of the VW Camper van goes Element-al

    click above for more pics of the Ursa Minor ECamperThe family vacation just hasn't been the same since the ubiquity of the Westfalia Camper and the VW Type2 as a family vehicle, both of which have been toppled by the rise of the minivan. There have been Westys since VW went mostly conventional with ...

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    DeLorean's stillborn 40-foot bus

    var digg_url = ''; Glomming onto a Federal program in the 1970s meant to spur the development of more accessible buses, DeLorean Motor Corporation saw a potential revenue stream. Not that the DMC 80 had anything to do with their now ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: VW Toaster Van

    click above image for more pics of the VW Toaster VanYou're supposed to get baked in the VW bus, not toasted, but whatever. Volkswagen originally had these promotional toasters done up for its Japanese operation. Buy a new VW or bring your VeeDub in for an inspection, get a toaster. While supplies ...

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    Enzo Crash Watch: Another one bites it

    How many are we down to? 391, 390? Of the 399 (plus one extra built for the pope to auction off for Tsunami victims, gotta love church auctions) Enzos built by Ferrari, a decent number has been written off as scrap metal. Various accidents have taken from us these special vehicles, and we have yet ...

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    Today's Distraction: Pimp my classic German ride

    Looking for a good way to waste time? There's no shortage out there, but here's one that's good for a few hours you'll never get back. gives you the tools to customize any of a variety of classic German cars. As the name suggests, the site started out a few years back with the ...

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    Crazy Cracker: NY Rabbi turns bus into Matza oven

    We thought Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem had an interesting use for an old school bus, but WCBS in New York is reporting on a Hassidic rabbi who apparently transformed an old bus into a giant Matza bakery. The flatbreads are traditionally baked in a brick oven, but with the Passover holiday ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson: Von Dutch GMC Bus-Home/Workshop

    High-res image available by clicking above Lot Number 1042.1: Von Dutch GMC Bus-Home/Workshop Here's one of those "don't pass it just because it looks like it's been out in a field for 20 years" gems that we love so much. This bus was once the home and workshop of the legendary ...


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