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By the Numbers

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    By The Numbers: September 2012: A Return To Normalcy Edition

    Toyota, VW, Honda Up Big Again, But Not As Much As has been the case for a few months now, the same three brands led the month with the largest sales increases among major automakers: Toyota, Volkswagen and Honda. They have swapped positions on the podium each time, but each is a medalist again ...

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    By The Numbers: August 2012: Big Jumps Edition

    Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota Post Big Gains If you want evidence that the economy is on the mend, look no further than the string of positive monthly sales reports coming from the auto industry this year. August continues the trend with the vast majority of brands and companies reporting improved ...

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    By The Numbers: July 2012 - Not Enough Time Edition

    Ever hear the expression that there aren't enough hours in the day? For General Motors and Ford, there weren't enough days in July. These two domestics sold fewer vehicles last month than the year before, but they also had two fewer days to work with, July having only 24 selling days to work with ...

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    By The Numbers: June 2012: Big Green Country Edition

    We can't remember a time when, out of all the brands that sell cars in the U.S., only two reported negative sales for the month. Only Jaguar and Mitsubishi reported selling fewer vehicles last month than the year before. Of course, many brands just barely squeaked out a positive number, and six ...

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    By The Numbers: May 2012: Too Good To Be True Edition

    Toyota and Honda Outperform Against Backdrop of Earthquake-Related Shortages Without context, one might think that sales for the U.S. automotive industry in May were off-the-charts good. Look at brands like Toyota and Honda, sales of which were up an astonishing 88.9 and 46.0 percent, ...

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    By The Numbers: April 2012: Not How It Appears Edition

    Industry Had Three Fewer Days To Sell The sales figures you see below aren't quite what they seem. If you look at just the left column where the battle between green and red cells is almost at a draw, you might think that April 2012 was a step backwards in terms of sales momentum for the auto ...

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    By The Numbers: March 2011 - Fool on a Hill Edition

    Chrysler Keeps Winning, Hyundai and Kia Set Records Another chapter has been written in the comeback story of Chrysler, which reported a 69.7-percent sales increase in March compared to a year earlier. We're starting to wonder, though, what will happen if gas prices continue rising. If consumers ...

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    By The Numbers: February 2012: Leap Year Edition

    Chrysler Wins Again, Small Car Battle Brewing and Mustang Beats Camaro Automakers love Leap Year. And why wouldn't they? Who doesn't love an extra day for selling? Actually, it turns out the extra day that Leap Year provides didn't make that much of a difference, as there were 25 selling days in ...

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    By The Numbers: January 2012 - Hangover Edition

    Camry and Civic lead comeback of Toyota, Honda When 2011 ticked over to become 2012, something changed with the dynamic that had been in place nearly all of last year. We had become so used to the domestics seeing increased sales month after month while Toyota and Honda struggled to keep their ...

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    By The Numbers: 2011: Onward and Upward Edition [UPDATE]

    Which were the best-performing brands and automakers in 2011? We'll tell you, and the answers may be surprising. The top two best-performing brands surprised us. Jeep led the pack with a 44.04-percent sales increase for the year, followed by Mitsubishi, whose sales jumped 40.07 percent. Behind ...

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    By The Numbers: December 2011: Same As It Ever Was Edition [UPDATE]

    The December sales numbers are in, most of them anyway, and what we're seeing is an end to the year that largely mirrors the months that came before. Our usual players are at the top of the list in green, including Chrysler, which lead all brands last month with an 82.56-percent increase in ...

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    By The Numbers: November 2011: Black Friday Edition

    U.S. auto sales during the month November were up on the backs of companies like Chrysler, Volkswagen and Kia, all three of which reported major gains for their respective brands. The Chrysler Group in particular posted positive numbers for all four of its brands, including a spectacular ...

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    By The Numbers: October 2011: Pillowcases of Candy Edition [UPDATE]

    Some automakers returned from trick or treating last night with pillowcases full of great sales numbers, and others wish they had stopped at a few more houses. The biggest winner continues to be the Chrysler Group, which for the month of October 2011 posted a sales gain of 27 percent versus the ...

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    By The Numbers: September 2011 - What Double-Dip Recession Edition

    The U.S. auto industry appears to be roaring based on sales figures for the month of September 2011. This, despite every other economic indicator wafting between stagnant growth for the economy and an outright plunge into another recession. Don't tell the folks selling cars in these great United ...

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    By The Numbers: August 2011: Slow Recovery Edition [UPDATE]

    Chrysler Continues Climb, Japan Begins Rebound There's some good news and some not-so-good news when dissecting sales figures for August of 2011. For one, Chrysler posted notable gains for all of its brands, especially Jeep, which managed to score an impressive 58-percent sales rise over the ...

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    By The Numbers: By the Numbers - July 2011: Aftershocks Edition

    .hide{display:none} Chrysler Climbs, Honda Falls, Cruze Cruises U.S. auto sales for July 2011 can best be characterized by the resurgence of one company, Chrysler Group (up 20.05 percent), and the continued slide of another, American Honda (down 28.40 percent). Not so long ago, Chrysler was the ...

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    By The Numbers: By the Numbers - June 2011: Summer Daze Edition

    Japanese Brands Still Struggling, U.S. Brands Still Growing U.S. auto sales last month were again marked by Japan's two largest automakers, Toyota and Honda, struggling to increase production levels following the country's debilitating earthquake and tsunami back in March. Sales for both ...

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    By The Numbers: By The Numbers: May 2011 - As The Earth Quakes Edition

    The Earth Quakes, Japanese Sales Fall Overall, auto sales were down a bit in May, though there certainly were a few bright spots in the industry. For instance, the Chrysler Group, which consists of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles, posted a 10-percent sales gain for the month when compared to the ...

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    By The Numbers: By the Numbers: April 2011 - Double-Digit Edition

    April Showers Bring Double-Digit Sales Increases Lincoln, Lexus, Infiniti and Chrysler are the only nameplates that failed to boast improved sales in April of 2011 when compared to the same period one year ago. Besides those Debbie Downers, things are looking pretty darn good for automakers in ...

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    By the Numbers - March 2011: No Foolin' Edition

    Nissan Sets All-Time Record, Ford beats GM It may be a day for fools, but sales numbers reported by the U.S. auto industry today are no joke. Many sales records were set, including by Nissan, which set an all-time monthly sales record for the history of the company in March. Also, as we mentioned ...


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