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If you're in the Chicago area and have an old beater that you want to dispose of, ZipCar has an offer for you. ZipCar is the car-sharing service that maintains a fleet of cars, and allows members to buy credits that you can use to drive one of the cars on an as needed basis. On Monday, February 26, ZipCar and Cars for Kids will be hosting a screening of "An Inconvenient Truth" along with a "Drive-In, Don't Drive Out" event at the Music Box Theater in Chicago. You can bring your old car and donat

Chicago and Toronto may be Zipcar's latest markets, but San Francisco is the company's stronghold. The car-sharing company marked its paper anniversary (or clock anniversary, if you're the modern type) in the Bay Area with an announcement that it will be doubling it's fleet of 200 cars there in the next year. That should make the 5,000 Bay Area Zipcar members happy.

100 cars are ready to be shared and are waiting in 14 neighborhoods around Chicago, part of yesterday's launch that gave Zipcar the largest car sharing fleet in Illinois. The state government is promoting car sharing through a $25,000 grant that encourages car sharing in Illinois. Zipcar is matching the amount, so a total of $50,000 will be given back to new Zipcar members in the form of $50 credit to each of the first 1,000 members. The City of Chicago is also exempting all car sharing programs

Zipcar, the largest car sharing service in the country, opened up shop in Chicago yesterday, with dozens of cars now parked throughout the city awaiting customers. But Chicago is not the last city in the Midwest the car ownership alternative company hopes to operate in. In fact, Chicago is slated to be the hub of Zipcar's expansion in the Midwest. According to Zipcar, 3,000 people a month are signing up for the service, which rents cars to members by the hour. Some numbers thrown out by the comp