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Harley-Davidson creates Serial 1 Cycle Company to enter the e-bike market

Its first model is inspired by Harley's first motorcycle

U.S. rejects Tesla and Uber requests for Chinese tariff relief

25% tariff remains for computers, screens, and electric bikes

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is expanding its efforts to block the use of Chinese technology in advanced vehicles, denying additional requests by Tesla for tariff relief on key components of its electric vehicles, and rejecting ride hailing company Uber's petition to waive tariffs on electric scooters. The office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) rejected requests to exempt the Model 3 car computer and center screen in May 29 letters, saying they both concern "a p

Paris launches world's biggest e-bike fleet to curb pollution

Up to 20K bicycles will go on long-term rentals at 40 euros per month

Up to 20,000 bicycles will go on long-term rentals at 40 euros per month.

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GM is making e-bikes as it expands beyond cars

And you get to name them

And you get to name them.

UPS gears up for deliveries by electric bike in Seattle

Did you know UPS started out on bicycles?

Did you know UPS started out on bicycles?

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This electric bicycle folds up in just 1 second

Fold up and carry your bicycle in record time

Fold up and carry your bicycle in record time.

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VanMoof's Electrified X cured my fear of bike thieves

Smart security features have given me peace of mind

Smart security features have given me peace of mind.

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Smacircle S1 Electric Bike | Autoblog Minute

The Smacircle S1 is an all-electric bicycle that weighs 15.4 pounds. It can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge, and it's foldable! The eBike is scheduled to hit stores in October 2017.

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MOAR Foldable eBike | Autoblog Minute

MOAR Bikes company created an electric foldable all-terrain bike. eBIke uses a Samsung 48V lithium battery and can do 25 miles on a single charge.

Quikbike Qiosk puts e-bike sharing in a shipping container

EV World publisher Bill Moore finds new energy in electric bikes.

Put up a box, rent out the electric bikes.

Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid is a four-wheeled e-bike concept

This vehicle will get you looks, if you're into that sort of thing.

Shaeffler's Bio-Hybrid concept combines the benefits of a pedelec with the comfort of a car.

Sparky Automotive thinks riderless bicycles should be a thing

Sparky says its autonomous e-bike will be good for deliveries.

London startup Sparky Automotive is trying to crowdfund an autonomous electric bicycle.

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Bolt M-1 electric moped gets going on Indiegogo

The Bolt M-1 looks well on its way to production after a great beginning day on Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

Quikbyke Q-pod wants to Kickstart e-bike rental pop-up shops

EVWorld Seeks $275,000 In Crowdfunding For Its Traveling Electric Bikes

EVWorld publisher starts a Kickstarter campaign for a new electric-assist bicycle startup.

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Maxwell EP0 is the lightweight e-bike for bicycle purists

The No-Frills Electric Road Bike Weighs In At 26 Pounds

Maxwell Motorbikes is offering its lightweight electric bicycle through its Kickstarter campaign.

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Visiobike is an e-bike with a smartphone's brains [w/video]

Bicycling is a great, environmentally friendly way to get around town, but, let's face it, sometimes pedaling sucks. E-bikes are a wonderful compromise, especially for those uphill climbs, offering a bit of electronic assistance when you need it. Combine that with smart technology, a rear-view camera and gears that shift on their own, and you've got quite the two-wheel package. Build that all onto a sexy carbon fiber frame, and suddenly that fo

Feddz electric bike with swappable battery hits Europe this month

Garage chargers? We don't need no stinkin' garage chargers. Germany-based Feddz is getting ready to start European sales of its electric bike, and, to do so, it's touting a removable-battery system that makes garage chargers unnecessary, if not almost quaint.

A2B Alva+ E-Bike

A Great Scooter Alternative For Commuters

Electric-assist bicycles continue to enter the marketplace along with electric and extended-range electric vehicles. And while they can bring tears to a cyclist's wallet without any federal or state credits to lighten the financial wallop, riding them can be addictive.

Icon branches out into electric bicycles with new E-Flyer

We know we're supposed to be impartial and all that, but we have to admit to being big fans of Icon's work. Whether it's a Bronco, a Toyota FJ, a Dodge D200 or even an old DeSoto wagon, the folks at

Hands-On: A2B Alva Plus Electric Bike

An experienced cyclist's first encounter with an electrified bicycle

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