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U.K. government opens trial for wirelessly charged taxis

The UK government is investing $4.43 million in a six-month trial

In ride-hail boom, New York livery cabs feel squeezed and forgotten

There were nearly 22,000 livery cabs in New York in 2015, and there are approximately 9,600 now

As a livery cab driver in the Bronx for more than a decade, Orlando Lantigua knows some of his customers well. In the outer boroughs and low-income New York neighborhoods — where yellow cabs rarely go and public transportation is sometimes sparse — residents who lack smart phones or credit cards have relied on livery cabs for generations. More than 100 livery cab bases have closed their doors since 2015, when ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft began to provide a large number of trips, cuttin

Uber sues New York City over cruising and licensing caps

City says the cap is 'not only legal, it will bring needed relief to congested streets and hardworking drivers'

Uber Technologies Inc sued New York City on Friday, seeking to void a new rule limiting how much time its drivers can spend cruising streets in busy areas of Manhattan without passengers, saying it threatens to undermine the company's ride-sharing model. In a filing in New York state court in Manhattan, Uber also sought to void a rule banning the issuance of new licenses to for-hire vehicles through August 2020.

Junkyard Gem: 350,000-mile ex-taxi 1990 Chevrolet Caprice

This box Caprice is as used-up as a car can be

A former taxicab 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan, found in a Colorado self-service wrecking yard with 350,664 miles.

The Bubble water car skims above waves and traffic

It lifts out of the water for a smooth ride

Flying water car. The Bubble is a 100 percent electric water taxi created by the French company SeaBubbles. The goal is to lower pollution and provide relief from heavy traffic on busy city streets.

Uber is a taxi service, EU court says in landmark ruling

And it should be regulated like one.

Uber had argued that it was merely an app.

Waymo’s driverless taxi service will open to the public soon

The only humans in the car will be you and yours.

There won't be a human driver behind the wheel. At all.

London’s range-extended electric cab gets trial run at Goodwood

Plug-in cab takes a few quiet laps at the fest

London Taxi Co. shows off a prototype of an electric TX5 with a range extender at UK's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Cash Cab gets a reboot on the Discovery Channel

The show is being updated for a modern audience.

Beijing looks to replace entire taxi fleet with electric vehicles

The city has five times as many cabs as New York.

Beijing, taxi companies would have to come up with about $1.3 billion to replace gas-powered cabs with electric vehicles.

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Dubai hopes to launch self-flying drone taxi service this summer

Why have self-driving cars, when you can have self-flying cars?

The Taxi Cocktail took us for a ride

Drink this and don't drive.

The taxi is in decline, but the Taxi Cocktail never goes out of style.

These Volvo XC90 SUVs could be your Uber AIs in San Francisco

The future is driverless.

What's Swedish for 'taxi!'?

From MIT to Singapore, the story of the world's first self-driving taxi | UPSHIFT 2016

You've heard that autonomous cars are going to be part of our future, but in Singapore, they've already arrived thanks to nuTonomy. Karl Iagnemma, CEO, nuTonomy shares the story of the world's first self-driving taxi public trial.

Uber hopes facilities in Detroit will help shape its autonomous future

Facility aims to help the company collaborate with automakers and suppliers.

Here's why it makes sense for Uber to focus on The Motor City.

Going to Cuba? Here's how to catch a cab, and why you'll want to

Always start out by suggesting a five-CUC fare. Often, the drivers will simply agree, but if they do start to dicker at least you started off on good terms.

Airbus wants to build flying taxis because everyone hates traffic

Autonomous, app-hailed, electric sky taxis. Welcome to the future.

The surge in city dwellers has Airbus considering an Uber for the skies.

Daimler's MyTaxi merges with Hailo to create Uber-fighter

The new service will have 70 million passengers and 100,000 registered cabbies.

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