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Mazda says Skyactiv-X will come to the U.S, but not when

Timing is key, as well as high compression

The Skyactiv-X is a high-compression gasoline engine, its 16:1 compression ratio comparable to that of a diesel engine.

Mazda's product roadmap after Skyactiv-X: diesel, rotary, hybrids, even EVs

What comes after Skyactiv-X for Mazda? A bit of everything.

It's not the death of diesel, and other surprising facts.

Deep Dive
How Mazda got Skyactiv-X to work is incredible

Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition: "Take everything you know about engines and turn it around."

"Take everything you know about engines and turn it around."

Spy Shots
Why Mazda’s Skyactiv-X compression-ignition engine is a smart hedge bet

Diesel's on the outs in Europe, and EVs aren't ready for prime time.

Mazda's game plan: Compression ignition, superchargers, EVs — and still fun to drive

Sparkless gasoline engine technology works like diesel and will boost torque.

Certain models will be electrified.

Mazda-Toyota partnership has us dreaming of a rotary hybrid

That might be wishful thinking, but here are some other great possible outcomes.

And like any dream, it probably won't be there when we wake up.

Mazda's next-gen SkyActiv engines will drop spark plugs in favor of high compression

The automaker is confident there is still life left in internal combustion.

The new engines employ a system that improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.

Mazda still really wants to bring diesels to America

We don't know when they'll be coming, but apparently they're coming.

Mazda's EV resistance may mean CAFE trouble ahead

Meeting the US's 2025 fuel-efficiency mandate may be difficult without electrification.

Mazda continues to wring out more fuel efficiency from its Skyactiv gas-engine technology.

Mazda's new turbo four fits in both the 6 and the 3

If a naturally aspirated Skyactiv four-cylinder fits, the turbo will fit too.

The Mazda CX-9's new turbocharged four-cylinder could see duty in the brand's other products, which means it's more of a product planning decision than an engineering one.

Sorry, rotary fans, Mazda's RX Vision probably won't happen

The rotary sportscar you want probably isn't coming any time soon, but it's in Mazda's interest to lead you on.

Mazda keeping non-hybrid, non-electric Skyactiv strategy

Don't look for a plug-in a Mazda any time soon.

Mazda's Jeff Guyton says that the company's Skyactiv fuel efficiency plan will work, without the immediate need for hybrids or EVs.

Mazda and Toyota formally announce plans to 'make cars better'

Following a rather simple and vague brief, Mazda and Toyota formally confirmed that they are forming a long-term partnership.

Toyota and Mazda set to expand partnership

Toyota could loan its fuel-cell and plug-in-hybrid tech to Mazda, in exchange for that company's expertise developed through its efficient Skyactiv engines.

Britain's BBR already promising 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata with 200+ horsepower

British tuner BBR is already hard at work at trying to squeeze more power from the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata's 2.0-liter SkyActiv four-cylinder engine. The company thinks that the mill can make around 200 horsepower without even adding any forced induction.

Will Mazda sell diesel hybrids in Japan in 2016?

Could the "Zoom Zoom" automaker start making hybrids that go "glug glug glug"? Mazda, known for its fuel-efficient Skyactiv engine line, will be the first Japanese automaker to make a diesel-hybrid vehicle for Japan and Europe.

Toyota will use Mazda's Skyactiv engine in new subcompact

It looks like Toyota is going to have a little more zoom-zoom in the future. The giant Japanese automaker has struck a deal with Mazda to use its Skyactiv engines for the possible replacement to the Yaris. The new subcompact will be built under contract by Mazda at its new factory in Mexico.

Mazda says 83 percent of new cars bear Skyactiv moniker

Mazda's US sales are down a little bit but the company's fuel economy is almost assuredly up. That's because its fuel-saving Skyactiv drivetrain technology is essentially taking over US vehicles sales. To the tune of about five out of every six vehicles sold, at least.

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