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EVs would rank better if not for their high depreciation

Large vehicles are rather pricey.

J.D. Power releases its findings regarding the cars and brands owners most enjoy after 90 days of owning or leasing a manufacturer's vehicle.

Kia topped the rankings for initial quality of new vehicles sold in the United States based on owner responses for the second consecutive year, business consultancy J.D. Power said on Wednesday. Hyundai Motor's Genesis cars came second in the survey, followed by sports luxury brand Porsche. Fiat Chrysler's Ram and the Ford brand shared fourth position. In fact, American brands outperformed foreign brands as a whole for the second year. Fiat, Jaguar Land Rover's luxury car brand Jaguar, and

The business school at American University determined the cars that most fit the description "made in America."

But you knew that already, didn't you?

Consider paying a bit more for synthetic.

Fuel efficiency and emissions standards spur innovation.

Midwest, South, and California benefit the most.

INRIX survey finds attitudes about self-driving cars differ by country.

Baby Boomers (mostly) aren't on board.

Some would pay as much as $10,000 for full driving autonomy

US drivers will pay between $3,500 for partial automation to $4,900 for full automation.

About the same number of drivers say they're buying a pickup next.

AAA poll indicates 30 million Americans may buy an electric vehicle within three to five years.

39 percent of Baby Boomers want self-driving cars off their lawn.

All but 11 percent of Generation Z customers say they trust self-driving technology.

Brits will pay a little less, Scandinavians a little more.

Tesla Model 3s will typically cost about $50,000, or about $15,000 more than the model's base price, as buyers can't resist options.

Up an estimated 11 percent over the previous year.

That's 6,000 pedestrians killed, an additional 620 more than the year before.

Is the FJ40 set for a successor?

What does "Four Wheeling. Scene Stealing" mean?

Lower price won't help Tesla if Model 3 has glitches

Tesla's tailwind of enthusiastic Model S and Model X owners may not translate into satisfaction if Model 3 has glitches, J.D. Power study says.

Much of the data supporting an autonomous future is based on studies of today's transportation models.

A leading problem area: infotainment systems.

Survey has a remarkable statistic about overall satisfaction

Vehicle costs may be $1,800 higher by 2025.

Automakers' compliance with CAFE may cost 150,000 jobs.

No one wants to share a lane with a driverless car in case the robot revolution breaks out.

The average cost to repair a vehicle damaged by de-icers is $490.

AAA has some simple advice to help prevent rust damage.

Almost 10 percent of all bridges in America are in need of repair or replacement.

In 23 states, over 9 percent of bridges require repair.

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