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Electrify America and EVgo reach interoperability agreement

This follows a similar deal with Chargepoint, and a new 'Normal Now' campaign

VW's Electrify America buys Tesla Powerpacks for EV charging stations

The devices will let drivers avoid high-demand rates

The devices will let drivers avoid high-demand rates.

Startup GBatteries claims it can charge an EV as fast as it takes to pump gas

They say their technology works with existing lithium batteries

They say their technology works with existing lithium batteries.

Volkswagen powering up for EV onslaught with preview of 360-kWh mobile quick chargers

The standalone battery packs can service up to 15 vehicles

The standalone battery packs can service up to 15 vehicles.

NY incentivizes EVs with new chargers, cheaper rates, rebates

Part of the $250 million EVolve NY initiative

Part of the $250 million EVolve NY initiative.

Target targets 600 EV chargers in 2 years

They'll be located at more than 100 sites in 20 states

Last week, Volkswagen announced its Electrify America would build EV charging stations at over 100 Walmart locations around the country, adding to our needed recharging infrastructure. Today, Target followed suit, say

VW's Electrify America to install EV chargers at Walmart stores

Multiple chargers at stores in 34 states

Volkswagen AG unit Electrify America will install electric vehicle charging stations at more than 100 Walmart store locations in 34 U.S. states by mid-2019 as part of Electrify's plans to bolster charging infrastructure across the country, the two companies said on Wednesday.

VW's Electrify America plans nationwide network of 4,800 EV chargers

They'll be built at 500 stations in largest cities and along highways

Electrify America plans to build more than 4,800 charging stations nationwide, with half of them in operation in 2019.

Plug wars: the battle for EV charging supremacy

Tesla, Japanese and Germans use different protocols and are fighting for advantage

They're all fighting for a competitive advantage.

Shell and Ionity carmakers installing ultra-fast highway EV charging

The oil company joins with automakers to accelerate EVs.

The partners will build 80 high-powered chargers to Europe's highways in 2019.

Honda EVs to charge in 15 minutes starting in 2022

Better batteries will take advantage of quicker chargers.

Honda hasn't chosen its partner to produce next-generation batteries.

Toshiba claims EV battery breakthrough: 200-mile charge in 6 minutes

Toshiba's next-gen SCiB battery uses a new anode material.

Faster charging, more density and longer life through a titanium niobium oxide anode.

Shell buys NewMotion charging network in first electric vehicle deal

Shell expects around a quarter of the world’s car fleet to be electric by 2040.

NewMotion is the owner of one of Europe's largest electric vehicle charging networks.

ChargePoint secures $125M in funding to expand European charging

The company is also taking over GE's charging network.

The world's biggest charging network is getting bigger.

Tesla in talks to open Superchargers to other automakers

It seems like more of a 'when' and not an 'if.'

It's unclear how this would benefit Tesla owners.

Tesla hometown to require new homes have solar, be 'EV ready'

Fremont gets the jump on California's 'zero net energy' plan for 2020.

Fremont City Council is now waiting for approval from state building and energy commissions.

VW may have to spend some of its $800M diesel scandal fund to advertise other brands in California

But it can say, 'sponsored by Volkswagen.'

VW might also have to pay for hydrogen stations for cars it doesn't sell.

VW's diesel scandal settlement worries EV charging companies

28 companies sign a letter calling on the DOJ calling to appoint an independent monitor.

There's concern in the EV charging industry that VW could use its big investment into zero-emissions tech to influence the business or hurt established competitors.

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