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Tesla, GM and Nissan lobby together to lift the cap on EV tax credits

Tesla has already reached the cap on the $7,500 tax credit

Tesla has already reached the cap on the $7,500 tax credit.

GM to Congress: Eliminating tax credit will harm EV sales

'It changes the equation' for buyers and automakers, CEO Mary Barra says

'It changes the equation' for buyers and automakers, CEO Mary Barra says

Bill speeding deployment of self-driving cars clears next hurdle in Congress

Bill cuts the number of cars that can deploy without restrictions to 25,000.

House panel ready to vote on exempting self-driving cars from safety rules

100,000 could hit the road without meeting existing safety standards.

GOP plan for self-driving cars limits federal oversight, cuts out states

One proposal would exempt self-driving cars from the existing federal safety rules.

Congress blocks regulations requiring truckers to get more rest

Rollback of safety rules is a win for the American Trucking Association.

It's also a harbinger of further deregulation to come for the trucking industry.

The EPA hasn't filed a required report on ethanol and other biofuels in years

We don't know what impact biofuels are having on air quality.

How can the EPA make decisions about renewable fuels if it doesn't have data?

Navy to push Congress for increase in fleet size

The Chief of Naval Operations has confirmed the 'recommission' of a study into the fleet's size.

Facing down an array of future threats, the US Navy has taken the first steps in making a formal request to increase the size of the fleet.

At last minute, Congress keeps electric motorcycle tax credits

Tax Credit Is Worth 10% Of Purchase Price, With A $2,500 Max

Zero Motorcycles is pleased with the feds' decision to extend plug-in perk for electric motorcycles.

US House passes massive $305 billion highway funding bill

The massive, five-year, $305-billion spending bill doles out $281 billion to the beleaguered Highway Trust Fund, and also gives nearly $1 billion to NHTSA.

CNG vehicles might get boost in congressional EV bill

Provisions in House and Senate transportation bills would benefit CNG-powered vehicles. It isn't clear which, if any, of them will make it to the final legislation.

Senator supports motorists' rights to repair their own cars

Sen. Ron Wyden: It'd Be 'Massive Mistake' For Copyright Law To Thwart Tinkerers

A prominent U.S. senator is speaking out on behalf of motorists who like to repair their own cars. ​Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) urged the U.S. Copyright Office to grant a proposed exemption in copyright law that would ensure drivers and gearheads have a legal right to tinker with and fix vehicles.

VW of America boss Horn was aware of diesel cheat 18 months ago

VW America President and CEO Michael Horn is expected to tell Congress he was aware of the company's diesel defeat device well over a year ago.

Impact of Trans-Pacific Partnership on auto industry detailed

With the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership unveiled, we're now seeing the potential impact the free-trade deal would have on the auto industry.

Short-staffed NHTSA struggles to handle car-hacking threats

Feds Seek Assistance From Some Experts, Ignore Help From Other Ones

Cars have become hacking targets, but documents show the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is struggling to address automotive cyber threats.

Takata ramps up lobbying efforts

Takata looks to be preparing for a bigger fight with Congress, upping its spend on lobbyists by 22 percent in Q2 compared to Q1.

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