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Ford plans to end independent India business, join forces with Mahindra

'It's like a partial exit,' one source says

'It's like a partial exit,' one source says

How Mahindra plans to grow in U.S. with 'India tough' Roxor off-roader

It's a way to ease into a broader role in the U.S. auto market

Mahindra is at Detroit Auto Show for first time, showing Roxor — and Roxbox

An EV Roxor is on the map, and so is an automatic transmission

An EV Roxor is in the works, and so is an automatic transmission.

Mahindra fights FCA's Jeep infringement claims

Mahindra wants to keep building the Roxor in Michigan

Mahindra says the Roxor is no cheap foreign knock-off Jeep.

FCA tries to block sale of Mahindra Roxor, says it's too Jeep-like

Mahindra licensed the original Willys Jeep design years ago

Mahindra licensed the original Willys Jeep design years ago.

Pininfarina teases its Tesla- and Bugatti-baiting EV supercar

The PF0 will boast massive horsepower and a mega price

The PF0 Concept will boast massive horsepower and a mega price

Mahindra's Automobili Pininfarina now officially a standalone EV brand

First up: a 1,500-hp electric hypercar in 2020

Indian automaker Mahindra has announced the launch of Automobili Pininfarina, a new standalone sustainable luxury vehicle brand, with plans for a new electric hypercar in 2020.

Spy Shots
Mahindra USPS mail truck prototype spied testing

Could this be the new USPS truck?

We've already posted a few spy shots of different companies' ideas for the new United States Postal Service mail truck. One of the six companies that were awarded prototype-building contracts is the Indian Mahindra, which is eager to gain a foothold in the U.S. no matter what the niche. Now, Mahindra's mail truck prototype has been spied tes

Ford and Mahindra will develop an SUV and electric car together

The SUV will be based on a Mahindra platform

Ford has announced that it will co-develop an SUV with Mahindra, the Indian manufacturer of tractors, EVs, and most importantly for this story, trucks. The new SUV will use a Mahindra platform, and it's implied that Ford will do the heavy lifting on the rest of the vehicle. The two companies will also develop an electric vehicle, perhaps with input or branding with Mahindra's Pininfarina subsidiary.

Pininfarina becomes automaker brand, plans to launch electric lineup

EVs will battle Chiron, Urus, Cayenne, Macan with Rimac's help

A little while ago we wrote about ItalDesign's Zerouno supercar, which is sold under the company's own brand name. Another design house, Pininfarina, will also become a carmaker brand, as it prepares to launch a hypercar with Mahindra investments backing it up.

India-based Mahindra opens Detroit HQ, wants to sell EVs in U.S.

One idea: Build a premium electric car under the Pininfarina brand to compete with Tesla.

Mahindra is a major tractor manufacturer and has been building EVs for years.

Ford to explore strategic partnership with Indian automaker Mahindra

It's a win-win for two big global players.

It's a win-win for two big global players.

Formula E is on track financially, with NYC race coming up

Losing money, but only because the series is investing in the future.

Mahindra debuts four-door e20 electric vehicle

The e20 Plus adds two-tone interiors, regenerative braking.

The new e20 Plus variants can go about 70 miles on a full charge.

Ssangyong considering compact CUVs for entry into US market

Every automaker wants in on the crossover segment.

Get ready for a new USPS mail truck, maybe from a company you don't know

It might have an electric or hybrids powertrain, too.

Would like some emissions with your mail, or rather not?

Scoot hits million-mile mark, expands network with GenZe 2.0

Scoot plans to launch in new markets in 2017.

San Fransisco's electric scooter service add to its network while celebrating a million electric miles.

Auto industry will spend $25 billion on autonomous tech by 2020

India-based Mahindra will likely be among those spending more on self-driving cars.

A new study suggests that annual spending on autonomous-driving technology could hit $25 billion by the end of the decade.

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