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Jeep gets another chance to block Mahindra 4x4s in trademark case

The Mahindra Roxor was redesigned in 2020 to look less like a Jeep

Mahindra cuts over half of its workforce in North America

A recent favorable ruling could bring back lots of those workers to build the Roxor again

U.S. regulator drops ban, allows Mahindra Roxor sales over Jeep's objections

Trade commission rules redesign no longer infringes on Wrangler's look

Mahindra seeks investors for electric vehicle business

Also finalizing investment plans for its Automobili Pininfarina unit

Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra is looking for investment partners for its domestic electric vehicles business and is finalising investment plans for its Automobili Pininfarina unit, the group's managing director said on Friday. The automaker wants to be a key player in mass-market electric vehicles (EVs) through its unit Mahindra Electric and in the high-end segment through Europe-based Pininfarina, which is building an electric hyper car Battista, Pawan Goenka said. Mahindra &

Judge rules Mahindra Roxor looks too Jeep-like

Unsurprisingly, an updated model is around the corner

Ford and Mahindra clinch their joint venture in India

Joint venture will produce SUVs for India and other emerging markets

Ford Motor Co and Mahindra & Mahindra will form a joint venture company in India valued at $275 million that will develop, market and distribute Ford branded vehicles in the country, the two companies said on Tuesday. The two companies have for months been negotiating the deal, which will see Ford hold a 49% stake in the new entity, while Indian rival Mahindra will own 51%, Reuters reported in April. India's autos market is dominated by Asian automakers like Suzuki Motor Corp and Hyundai Motor

Ford, Mahindra close to forming a joint venture in India

Ford to quit going it alone in India as part of its global restructuring

Ford Motor Co and Mahindra & Mahindra are likely to sign a deal next week to form a joint venture in India, two sources told Reuters, in a move that will see the U.S. carmaker end most of its independent operations in the country. The two companies have for months been structuring the deal to create a new entity in which Ford will hold a 49% stake, while Indian rival Mahindra will own 51%, Reuters reported in April. Under the deal Ford will transfer most of its automotive assets and employees

Mahindra plans to open second Detroit-area plant

That is, if it lands the lucrative USPS contract

Ford plans to end independent India business, join forces with Mahindra

'It's like a partial exit,' one source says

'It's like a partial exit,' one source says

How Mahindra plans to grow in U.S. with 'India tough' Roxor off-roader

It's a way to ease into a broader role in the U.S. auto market

Mahindra is at Detroit Auto Show for first time, showing Roxor — and Roxbox

An EV Roxor is on the map, and so is an automatic transmission

An EV Roxor is in the works, and so is an automatic transmission.

Mahindra fights FCA's Jeep infringement claims

Mahindra wants to keep building the Roxor in Michigan

Mahindra says the Roxor is no cheap foreign knock-off Jeep.

FCA tries to block sale of Mahindra Roxor, says it's too Jeep-like

Mahindra licensed the original Willys Jeep design years ago

Mahindra licensed the original Willys Jeep design years ago.

Pininfarina teases its Tesla- and Bugatti-baiting EV supercar

The PF0 will boast massive horsepower and a mega price

The PF0 Concept will boast massive horsepower and a mega price

Mahindra's Automobili Pininfarina now officially a standalone EV brand

First up: a 1,500-hp electric hypercar in 2020

Indian automaker Mahindra has announced the launch of Automobili Pininfarina, a new standalone sustainable luxury vehicle brand, with plans for a new electric hypercar in 2020.

Spy Shots
Mahindra USPS mail truck prototype spied testing

Could this be the new USPS truck?

We've already posted a few spy shots of different companies' ideas for the new United States Postal Service mail truck. One of the six companies that were awarded prototype-building contracts is the Indian Mahindra, which is eager to gain a foothold in the U.S. no matter what the niche. Now, Mahindra's mail truck prototype has been spied tes

Ford and Mahindra will develop an SUV and electric car together

The SUV will be based on a Mahindra platform

Ford has announced that it will co-develop an SUV with Mahindra, the Indian manufacturer of tractors, EVs, and most importantly for this story, trucks. The new SUV will use a Mahindra platform, and it's implied that Ford will do the heavy lifting on the rest of the vehicle. The two companies will also develop an electric vehicle, perhaps with input or branding with Mahindra's Pininfarina subsidiary.

Pininfarina becomes automaker brand, plans to launch electric lineup

EVs will battle Chiron, Urus, Cayenne, Macan with Rimac's help

A little while ago we wrote about ItalDesign's Zerouno supercar, which is sold under the company's own brand name. Another design house, Pininfarina, will also become a carmaker brand, as it prepares to launch a hypercar with Mahindra investments backing it up.

Mahindra Roxor is an Indian Jeep built in Michigan with a diesel engine

Unfortunately it's not street-legal

It should be a hoot on trails.

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