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Runaway dog sled leads police on chase in Montana

The dogs ran several red lights after dumping their musher

Watch trooper pull man from vehicle at last second before train hits

The driver was unconscious from an unknown medical episode

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5 great dashcams | Autoblog's favorites

These car cams are all the rage nowadays

These car cams are all the rage nowadays.

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6 car accessories you need for your ride

These should help to give you some serious peace of mind

These should help to give you some serious peace of mind.

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Should you buy a dash cam?

Forget about Russian dash cam hilarity: These are serious devices.

Russian dash cam plows through a plague of locusts

The video is a fascinating look at what, sadly for Dagestan, is an annual event.

Watch a ham-fisted Russian wreck his Lamborghini

Chrome finish, oversized wheels, and more money than talent.

A Russian Lamborghini owner successfully destroyed his supercar by driving too fast in the rain, colliding with a poor Peugeot CUV before coming to a stop.

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Driver barely avoids being crushed by tractor trailer

A driver in New York barely avoided being flattened on a bridge last week when a semi lost its load and flopped over in front of him.

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Video shows Australian driver falling asleep at the wheel

A driver in Western Australia learned this the hard way when they fell asleep while driving and plowed into a stand of trees at speed.

Heroic biker chases purse snatcher through traffic

A man in Kiev, Ukraine, left his bike in the middle of traffic to chase down a mugger and return a stolen purse to its rightful owner.

Toddler falls out of a minivan, grandparents drive away

A dashboard camera caught this frightening moment when an unsecured toddler fell out of the back of a moving minivan onto a busy street in China.

Man too busy with road rage to notice looming tornado

A driver was so annoyed by his fellow motorists during heavy rains in southern Florida he didn't notice the tornado just a few feet from his vehicle.

Good Samaritan pulls key from hit-and-run driver

A man in England stopped a hit-and-run driver from completing the 'running' part of her crime.

Family walks away from terrible crash caught on dashcam

A family of three was lucky to survive this dramatic car crash where their Volvo flipped over and skidded across a rainy highway in the UK in 2014.

Motorcyclist awarded $180,000 after encounter with police

A federal jury ruled this week that an Oregon State Policeman violated a Eugene man's civil rights by using excessive force during a traffic stop in 2012.

Driver barely escapes creeping flash flood on San Diego freeway

This terrifying dashcam footage comes to us from San Diego, CA, where the state's short-term water woes have been solved this week with intense rain storms.

Dashcam captures exact moment baby falls out of car

This incredible footage of a baby falling from a moving car in Russia is a great example of why properly securing your child while in a car is so important.

Dramatic meteor captured on dash cam in Thailand

A dashboard camera in Thailand caught dramatic footage of a meteor lighting up the night sky with a green glow as it fell to Earth Sunday night.

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