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States weigh tax breaks to ease pain at gas pump

Prices hit $4.38 nationwide average Thursday

Gas tax increase sounds unlikely as part of Biden infrastructure plan

It hadn't been raised since 1993 and could have received bipartisan support

Report recommends mileage-based fee for EVs in California

UC Davis says ZEV registration fees aren't enough to fund road repairs

UC Davis says ZEV registration fees aren't enough to fund road repairs.

Senator introduces legislation to end federal EV tax credit

It would also create new fees for alternative-fuel vehicles

It would also create new fees for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Trump signals he's open to mileage tax to pay for infrastructure fixes

Another idea: Raise the federal gas tax for first time in decades

He might also be interested in a 25-cent hike in the federal gasoline tax.

California enacts $52 billion fuel tax hike for road, bridge repairs

EV owners will pay a $100 annual fee in lieu of gas taxes.

The average California motorist will see transportation costs rise by about $10 a month.

Illinois proposes per-mile driving tax

State lawmaker takes a shot at Toyota Prius, other fuel-efficient vehicles.

Illinois motorists may soon be the victims of their own good behavior. Drivers in the Land of Lincoln have been improving their fuel efficiency and driving more hybrid and electric cars that lessen their reliance on gasoline. As a result, the state isn't collecting as much money through its gasoline tax as it once did.

Obama preparing 'larger speech' on $10 per barrel oil tax

This Discussion Is Just Starting

President Obama says he will likely give a longer speech on his proposal to impose a $10-per-barrel tax on oil. He first proposed the idea this week.

California's $3.6 billion highway plan could include EV fees

Gov. Brown's Proposal May Tie Gas Tax To Consumer Price Index

A new proposal by California governor Jerry Brown could increase gas and diesel taxes in the state, as well as charge a fee to plug-in vehicle drivers.

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How the federal gas tax exemplifies problems in Congress

ProPublica has put together a very deep look at the past, present, and future of the federal gas tax, and why it hasn't been increased since 1993. The article is a fantastic read.

Federal DRIVE Act would charge EV drivers a new fee

Feds Looks To Make Up Highway Shortfall From Lower Gas Taxes

US government considers adding fees especially for electric-vehicle drivers.

Michigan considering hybrid, EV fee to fix terrible roads

State Looks To Make Up Highway-Repair Funding Shortfall

Michigan government considers boosting vehicle-registration fees for hybrids, electric vehicles.

OreGo, nation's first pay-per-mile test, targets EVs, plug-in hybrids

Oregon Looking For Replacement For Gas Tax

Oregon's new OreGo is the first-in-the-nation program that will charge car owners not for the fuel they use, but for the miles they drive.

Obama's budget would fix infrastructure through corporate taxes on foreign earnings

President Obama's budget proposal includes a new way of funding infrastructure improvements over the next six years. His plan would be a one-time, 14 percent tax on corporate earnings held overseas to raise an estimated $238 billion.

Falling gas prices could spur new federal taxes

A bipartisan initiative is once again pushing for an increase in the federal gas tax, although the overall hike would simply bring the tax in line with inflation.

What's this, a bipartisan proposal to increase the US gas tax?

Senators Corker (R) And Murphy (D) Want To Tie It To Inflation

It would be the first federal hike in gas taxes since 1993.

More than half of America willing to pay higher fuel taxes for better roads [w/poll]

The gas tax and diesel taxes haven't been increased since 1993.

Increasingly fuel-efficient cars putting gas tax, road funding at risk [w/poll]

The fund that the United States uses for the maintenance of its roads is increasingly falling short, and one of the main reasons is the more efficient cars we drive today. As fuel economy improves, the amount raised by the nation's gas taxes falls, and it is those taxes that pay for much of the highway upkeep in the country. That leaves the question of how we continue to maintain the roads.

White House urges Congress to shore up depleted Highway Trust Fund

The United States Highway Trust Fund is getting closer to running out, and the federal government is scrambling to find a way to keep it in the black. The fund pays for a significant portion of the upkeep for the country's interstates, bridge repairs and some public transportation projects. It's currently backed under a two-year law that expires in September, but Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx claims the actual money in

Obama's new transportation bill seeks funds to fix infrastructure woes

Prepare for a big political debate about the nation's infrastructure in the coming weeks. The Obama administration has sent a bill covering interstate repair funding for the next four years to Congress. While that might seem somewhat benign, the proposal is likely to prove contentious because it would be partially financed by ending some tax breaks to businesses. This likely won't go over well in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

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