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NHTSA investigating reports of Chevrolet Bolt EV battery fires

At least three cars sustained similar fire damage

Appeals court tosses Trump bid to roll back fuel efficiency penalties

Fines had only once been adjusted for inflation over 40 years

NHTSA gives automakers another six months to meet 'quiet cars' rules

Adding sound to hybrids and EVs gets another reprieve, this time from coronavirus

NHTSA's auto safety standards process to get scrutiny from inspector general

It often takes NHTSA years to change or adopt new vehicle safety standards

Mercedes-Benz agrees to $20 million U.S. settlement over vehicle recalls

'We believe that we did not deliberately do anything wrong'

Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz USA has agreed to a $20 million civil penalty over its handling of U.S. vehicle recalls after a year-long U.S. government investigation into 1.4 million recalled vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said Daimler failed to notify owners in a timely fashion in some recalls, did not submit all reports and did not launch at least two recalls in a timely fashion.

California, 22 other states sue EPA over right to set emissions standards

Suit against the EPA bookends one filed against NHTSA

California and 22 other U.S. states filed suit on Friday to challenge the Trump administration's decision to revoke California's authority to set stiff vehicle tailpipe emissions rules and require a rising number of zero emission vehicles (ZEV). The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, seeks to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency's decision in September to revoke portions of a waiver it granted in 2013. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, w

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NHTSA to jumpstart its slow-rolling revamp of new car crash ratings

Plan for tougher five-star standards has been in the works since 2015

In 2015, under President Barack Obama, NHTSA proposed requiring automakers to add crash avoidance technologies to gain top, five-star ratings as part of its New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). On Thursday, a group plans to hold a press conference in Washington criticizing NHTSA's failure to update the ratings.

Jeep Wrangler investigated by NHTSA for bad frame welds, steering problems

The agency suspects badly-welded frames can cause steering issues

Waymo urges NHTSA to 'promptly' remove requirement for steering wheel, pedals

Ford and GM filings with feds hint at what self-driving cars can and can't do

Washington state troopers sue Ford over Explorer exhaust fumes

The latest in a long line of complaints about nausea-inducing fumes

Tesla stands by Model 3 safety claims that NHTSA says are misleading

'This is not the first time that Tesla has disregarded the guidelines'

The auto safety agency's letter said that Tesla's blog http://bit.ly/2YMljY9 from October last year about Model 3 having the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle ever tested by NHTSA was inconsistent with the agency's usage guidelines, Bloomberg reported, citing documents released by legal transparency group PlainSite. The agency also asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate if the statements constituted unfair or deceptive practices, Bloomberg reported.

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As America gets older and heavier, so do its crash test dummies

Man, Vince and Larry got old!

After more than 40 years, researchers are designing new crash test dummies to reflect the fact that Americans are getting older and heavier.

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Study finds startling amount of drivers are not watching the road

Distracted drivers are an increasingly dangerous hazard on American roads.

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Automatic Emergency Braking Coming To All Cars | Autoblog Minute

NHTSA and automakers working to make automatic emergency braking an industrywide standard by 2022.

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Autoblog Minute: Honda drops Takata, airbag maker fined $70M

Takata has been fined $70M by the US Department of Transportation, and Honda drops and publicly denounces the airbag supplier. Autoblog's Adam Morath reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

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Honda Drops Takata, Parts Company Fined by US Regulators | Autoblog Minute

US regulators hit Takata with a substantial fine and Honda drops the embattled supplier. Autoblog's Adam Morath reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

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