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Simpson may beat the Bronco to market by year.

Our friends at Bronco6G have released a number of new high-resolution Bronco renderings. While we can hope that a two-door version makes it to production, we fully expect the volume seller to be a four-door variant.

Look for a new version of the Ford Ranger, too.

We have leaked footage of the highly anticipated Ford Bronco. This is a first look at the return of an SUV icon. What an amazing way to kick off April!

Plant upgrades for Bronco, Ranger, vehicle connectivity, and autonomous driving.

The improvements will also bring 130 new jobs.

Don't be surprised if it looks more like a mini F-150 by the time it's in production.

We're still not sure what's under the hood, but we're happy to speculate.

Rejoice! And then buckle in for a long road to production.

We've gathered all our Bronco intel and use it to make some educated guesses about the reborn SUV.

On this episode, we cover the highlights from Detroit, discuss what we're driving, and spend your money.

We knew they were coming, but now it's official.

Next year is shaping up to be a great one for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Here's what has us excited.

We're looking forward to saying g'day to the Bronco in 2020.

We highlight our favorites from the 2016 Paris Motor Show, talk Ford Bronco news, take a look at what we've been driving, and give out free car-buying advice.

Apparently, it didn't help with the rhetoric.

Ford said it was "great meeting." Hmmm.

It's official the Bronco is set to return to Ford's SUV lineup.

Local UAW boss confirms in response to Trump attacks

Will be built alongside the Ford Ranger.

What will the new Ford Bronco look like? This week we have some illustrations from the Bronco website called Bronco6g.com.

Will Ford buck history or return with a retro Bronco?

A Bronco fan forum renders the next-generation Bronco.

Plus: Analysis on Chicago's monster truck jam and the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

We examine Ford's new SUV plans and analyze other industry events.

Ford confirms plans for four new SUV nameplates.

Rumors swirl that Ford will bring back the Bronco to be built alongside the Ranger pickup truck in Michigan starting around 2020.

Trademark filings are the tea leaves of the auto industry. Read them carefully – and interpret them correctly – and you might be previewing an automaker's future product plans. Here's a list of 10 we want to see go from paperwork to production reality.

A creator on Lego Ideas has a fantastic looking proposal to create a replica of the Icon 4X4 Bronco. It nails the off-roader's brawny looks and even features a removable roof.

MotorWeek keeps finding gold in its archives, and this latest 1984 SUV comparison is just further proof of that. The test pits the Chevrolet Blazer, Ford Bronco and Jeep Cherokee in Wagoneer trim against each other through several categories.

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