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Segway-Ninebot expects to double its yearly revenue for the next 3-5 years

Segway-Ninebot expects to double its yearly revenue for the next 3-5 years.


He collides with a car, breaks windshield

He collides with a car, breaks windshield.

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Scoot around town in style

Scoot around town in style.


Who wouldn't love to have a dad like this?

Who wouldn't love to have a dad like this?


It offers a range of up to 93 miles.

This baby's got the looks and the range.


Plus an American-style, six-cylinder tourer and an urban scooter.

New bikes for the adventure, great American highway and urban mobility segments.


The best Hyundai thing at CES was also the most overlooked.

I really want to ride this thing.

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Immotor Q is a foldable, silent, zero-emissions scooter.


The Vespa Elettrica should preserve both Italian chic and the planet.

Silent style.

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Looking for something different to for your urban commute? How about an electric scooter that can zip in-and-out of traffic and then fold-up and be used as a shopping cart? The Urb-e City Edition is a folding electric scooter that's made in America.


The electric scooter maker continues to make inroads in Europe.

Get two wheels, for a limited time.

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Modobag is the motorized rideable carry-on


Scoot plans to launch in new markets in 2017.

San Fransisco's electric scooter service add to its network while celebrating a million electric miles.



Despite how ridiculous this thing looks, it also seems like a bit of fun. Could be practical, too. There's even an electric version.


City runabout EV (we assume) and electric scooter are on the way.

Hyundai is working on more than the Ioniq triplets for its future mobility projects. How 'bout a single-seat EV and an electric scooter?


A couple mechanics from the Isle of Man decided it was a good idea to put a motorcycle engine in a mobility scooter. They earned themselves a world record.


Among the concepts Honda brought to its home motor show are a pair of "mobility solutions," with the compact Wander Stand car, and the Wander Walker scooter.


British police remind their countrymen that self-balancing scooters are banned under a 180 year old law.


BMW is adding Side View Assist blind-spot monitoring to its C650 GT scooter in Europe, a first in the segment, as part of a refresh of the touring scooter and its C650 Sport sibling.

Two Wheels

The new B14 stand up scooter from Works Electric is an off-road blast.

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