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China auto sales drop 18%, with coronavirus keeping buyers at home

Though it's the 19th month of declines, so virus is only one factor

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's vehicle sales likely fell by almost a fifth in January, marking a 19th consecutive month of decline, hurt by Lunar New Year holidays that started earlier than last year and by the coronavirus outbreak. The epidemic will hit auto sales and production hard in the short term, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said, predicting competition in the industry would get fiercer and some smaller parts suppliers could collapse. Preliminary data for Janu

Automakers scramble in case China auto parts production stays shut down

FCA warned a European plant could shut down within weeks

China auto sector braces, hopes coronavirus impact is short-lived

The big test could come when factory workers return from holiday breaks in high-contagion areas

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - The new coronavirus epidemic is likely to wreak havoc on China auto sales and production in the first quarter, but it is too early to push panic buttons as ground could be made up later in the year, industry executives said. Dongfeng Motor Group and its partners Honda Motor, Renault and PSA all have factories there. "We expect (China) vehicle production to decline 3% for the full year, with production down 15% in the first quarter, including the extended new year s

Bosch CEO warns coronavirus could hit global auto supply chains

The chief executive of Robert Bosch, the world's biggest auto components supplier, warned that coronavirus could impact its global supply chain, which is heavily dependent on China. "We are naturally concerned, but on the basis of the facts today, we have no disruption to our business or supply chain," Chief Executive Volkmar Denner said at a meeting with journalists in Fellbach, Stuttgart on Tuesday, in remarks which were embargoed for Wednesday. Bosch is relying on China as a global manufact