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Subaru WRX STI Type RA-R has more power, less weight

Japan keeps the best Type RA for itself

Japan keeps the best Type RA for itself.

The cars we'd import to America if we could

We can dream, can't we?

Autoblog's staff members select the foreign market cars they would import if they were allowed to, including fast, slow, practical, and impractical cars.

Old Dodge vans are big in Japan

They come with V8s and rear drive, so obviously they were made for the track, right?

Daihatsu's Move Canbus could very well be the world's cutest car

Seriously, this thing deserves a hug.

Can we take it home, pleeeeease?

Fire destroys warehouse full of Nissan Skylines

The warehouse of a Japanese specialty car importer caught fire on Sunday.

A fire broke out at the Ontario, CA location of International Vehicle Importers. 24 cars were destroyed, and sadly two dogs perished.

Toyota 86 GRMN is the Scion FR-S we want but won't get [w/video]

Toyota's tuning division GRMN has done up a special version of the sports car we know as the Scion FR-S with a number of key enhancements. Shame it's only a limited edition exclusively for sale in Japan.

Suzuki, please come back and bring the Alto Works with you

There's a small part of us that wants Suzuki to come back to America, and bring with it enticing little hatchbacks like the new turbocharged Alto Works you see here.

Subaru Forester gets facelift for Japan

Subaru is bringing a revised version of its Forester crossover to the Tokyo Motor Show with updated styling and equipment for the Japanese domestic market.

Mazda MX-5 breeds upgraded Roadster RS in Japan

Mazda has introduced what could be the enthusiast-choice MX-5 Miata in the new Roadster RS. It only comes with the smaller engine, though, and only back in Japan.

Toyota updates JDM Crown sedan to celebrate 60th birthday

Toyota is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Crown sedan with an updated model for the Japanese Domestic Market, replete with updates inside, out, and under the hood.

Toyota reveals updated Land Cruiser in Japan

Toyota has followed up on the reveal of the new Lexus LX 570 at Pebble Beach with the debut of its less glitzy counterpart in the form of the new Land Cruiser 200.

Honda S660 proving popular with middle-age Japanese buyers

Honda has sold out all 8,600 units of the S660 roadster it will build this year in Japan. But despite its youthful orientation, some 80 percent of them were bought by customers over the age of 40.

Honda rolls out new Step WGN in Japan

Honda's Step WGN enters its fifth generation of transporting families around Japan, featuring a downsized turbo engine and an innovative split tailgate.

Honda stretches new Shuttle to Fit the Japanese market

Honda is introducing a new Shuttle compact minivan to the Japanese Domestic Market, much smaller than the Odyssey we know but longer than a Fit/Jazz.

Subaru beefs up new Exiga Crossover 7 in Japan

Subaru gives its Exiga seven-seat wagon a similar treatment to the Outback, but available exclusively in Japan, while we await a larger Tribeca replacement.

Toyota rolls out new turbo engine on updated JDM Auris

Toyota introduces an updated Auris hatchback for its domestic market in Japan, packing a new 1.2-liter turbocharged direct-injection engine that promises to optimize both output and efficiency.

Honda rolls out production S660 roadster in Japan

Honda has revealed the production-spec S660 roadster, a spitting image of the concept revealed 16 months ago, ready to pick up the Beat's mantle and hit showrooms... but sadly only in Japan for the time being.

Toyota updates 86 in Japan with this weird special edition

If you like the Scion FR-S but aren't a fan of its aggressively styled front end, you'd apparently be in good company in Japan, where Toyota is offering this re-snouted 86 Style Cb edition.

Toyota Alphard and Vellfire JDM minivans look weirder than ever

Don't expect to see many Siennas on the road in Japan. Back at home, Toyota sells the Alphard and Vellfire, and now it's launched revised versions of both.

Honda rolls out six-seat Jade Hybrid wagon in Japan

Honda brings it's low-slung, Chinese-made Jade minivan/wagon back to the Japanese domestic market with a hybrid powertrain and six-seat configuration.

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