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Uber may be forced to shut down California ride services over new driver ruling

Judge granted request for injunction preventing independent contractor classification

Uber, Lyft blocked from classifying drivers as contractors in California

California is Uber’s and Lyft’s largest U.S. market

Rideshare drivers face difficult decision between physical and financial health

The loss of the extra $600-per-week unemployment benefit pushes some into a challenging situation

Uber driver Johan Nijman faces a difficult decision as federal unemployment aid expires: risk failing to pay for groceries and even lose his home, or resume driving and potentially catch COVID-19. Nijman is among thousands of Uber Technologies Inc and Lyft Inc drivers across the United States choosing between physical and financial health risks as $600 in additional weekly unemployment assistance expire. While drivers are not the only workers struggling, they are particularly vulnerable as the

Lyft partners with rental group Sixt to target carless city dwellers

Rent a car through the ride-hailing app, bypass the rental counter to pick it up

Lyft users can book a designated car through the ride-hailing app, add insurance and extras and directly pick up the car from the rental lot without waiting at the counter. Lyft already runs a limited rental car program in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area without the involvement of any car rental companies. "COVID has caused a change in behavior and people need different transportation options," Cal Lankton, Lyft's vice president of Fleet & Global Operations, said in an interview.

Know your rights as a rideshare passenger

Especially in the time of coronavirus

Things rideshare drivers wish passengers understood

Don't ask if they like doing it, for one

Uber bus just around the corner on post-pandemic public transit map

Ride-hailing and transit companies lean on one another

Urban transportation's transformation has shifted up a gear as the coronavirus crisis turns travel habits on their head, with Uber making allies of public transit systems by now offering to sell them its software expertise. This means Marin County's Transportation Authority will next month allow passengers in the San Francisco Bay area to book a trip through the Uber app, but rather than someone's private car they will ride wheelchair-accessible public vans. From the streets of Utah's Salt Lak

Uber, Lyft drivers are employees, says California regulator

A stab to the heart of the gig economy business model

Shares of both the companies fell more than 7% in early trading as the new order strikes at the heart of the "gig economy" business model of technology platforms like Uber, Postmates, Lyft, DoorDash and others. The new law, which took effect on Jan. 1, makes it tougher for companies to classify workers as contractors rather than employees, a classification that exempts them from paying for overtime, healthcare and workers' compensation. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) said dr

Wildest rideshare driving experiences

Public freakouts, fisticuffs and being asked to break the law

Driving for Uber/Lyft in the age of coronavirus — and how to get through it

Ridester survey shows how bad the virus' impact really is

Why U.S. gig economy workers need an act of Congress to get jobless pay

Unemployment benefits are typically reserved for full-time employees of traditional businesses

Lyft offers drivers to sign up for delivery services, founders donate salaries during coronavirus

With demand for rideshare drivers plummeting, more options emerge

In an email to drivers, Lyft co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green said "those who would like to help neighbors get to grocery stores, workers to hospitals and caretakers to their jobs" can join a new "LyftUp Driver Task Force." Lyft did not immediately respond to a request for comment for additional details on the delivery service. In the same email, Zimmer and Green said they would contribute their salaries through the end of June to company efforts supporting drivers during the coronavir

Uber tries to limit coronavirus spread by suspending shared rides

New policy in U.S., Canada could be expanded elsewhere

"Our goal is to help flatten the curve on community spread in the cities we serve," senior vice president Uber Rides and Platform Andrew Macdonald said in a statement. A spokesman said similar steps outside the U.S. and Canada would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Regular rides and the company's food delivery platform Uber Eats remain available, but Uber said it was in contact with local authorities to adjust operations as needed.

Affordable car rental programs for rideshare drivers

Don't get locked in to a car payment you'll regret if you decide to quit

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