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Meanwhile, the electric-vehicle startup is suing its former CFO for alleged theft of trade secrets.

Taking a peak into the Faraday Future.


Jia Yueting says Faraday future fundraising is 'making progress.'

"I am deeply sorry and blame myself for the negative impact of LeEco's debt crisis."


A 10% reduction in drag means 5% more range.

Ignore the chaos behind the curtain. The FF91 is coming along.

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Faraday Future is a company in chaos.

This article from The Verge lifts the veil on Faraday Future.


FF is reportedly bringing in some new talent, including an executive who describes himself on LinkedIn as a "crisis management expert" to run communications.

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Appliance company intends to distinguish itself by offering electric car with longer range.

Appliance company plans to distinguish itself by offering electric car with longer range.


The company still owns land in the state.

Faraday Future gives up on its Nevada factory but says it's still focused on bringing a vehicle to market in 2018.


Formula E involvement aids development and marketing.

"Where there is smoke, there is fire."


The video explores the hardships and the insights from the FF91's record run.


Finally, some good news for the company.

It's 1 million square feet, a third of the original factory's planned footprint.


We are shocked - shocked - to hear this news.

The plan is to purchase a pre-existing facility.


The race was just another step in the car's development.

Despite a technical problem, the FF91 made it to the top.


California-based startup will take on Tesla in Colorado.

Electric vehicle startup Faraday Future debuts a video series with a focus on stability control systems in advance of its Pikes Peak effort.

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FF 91 is an EV from Faraday Future. This video, first posted to the Faraday Future YouTube page, gives us one of our closest looks at the all-electric crossover. The automaker is scheduled to begin building production vehicles by 2018.


US headquarters of Faraday Future's Chinese backer may be in doubt.

This $260 million injection of cash couldn't come at a better time.


The cocoon-like concept features a "digital companion."

Just how close is it to the FF91?


The FF91 will face off against Unplugged Performance Model S P100D in July.

You'll be able to livestream the action this year, too.


The startup automaker still hopes its FF91 is out by the end of next year.

Faraday Future had planned to build a Nevada factory at about three million square feet, but is now setting up a plant at about a quarter of that size.


LeEco CEO says less than $300,000.

We can expect FF's "Tesla killer" to be somewhat cheaper here in the US.