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Motorcycles should be allowed to split lanes | Opinion

I don’t want a pickle; I just want safe, efficient travel for all

AAA projects highest Thanksgiving travel volume since 2005

Just you and 49 million of your fellow Americans, out on the road

30-cent gas station promotion creates L.A. traffic nightmare

A Chevron station was participating in Amazon’s ‘Maisel Day’ promotion

L.A. might join NYC in introducing congestion fees to quell traffic

Initial reports suggest $4 to enter Santa Monica

Initial reports suggest $4 to enter Santa Monica.

New traffic data suggest L.A., NYC no longer top most-congested U.S. cities

Report says each American loses 97 hours of their life per year in traffic

Report says each American loses 97 hours of their life per year in traffic.

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Self-driving cars could worsen traffic to avoid parking fees

It's cheaper to drive around without passengers than it is to park

It's cheaper to drive around without passengers than it is to park.

Miami man trades traffic, rat race for a stand-up paddleboard

SUP, man? Sweet ride

Who hasn't dreamed of scrapping the rat race for a simpler way of life where you're not beholden to a job at a desk in a cubicle and spending hours each day stuck in soul-killing traffic? Well, here's a 39-year-old guy who walked the talk.

Los Angeles continues to reign supreme with world's worst traffic

New York City, San Francisco and Atlanta were in the top 10.

We're only the fifth most-congested country overall.

BMW buys parking app in hopes of tackling urban traffic

Parkmobile is part of BMW's plans to tackle mobility beyond selling cars.

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Gridlocked New Jersey town finds 'waze' to keep commuters out

Cars without a yellow resident tag will be fined $200.

That route may save you eight minutes, but it'll cost you $200.

What's causing this traffic jam? If you tailgate, it's caused by someone like you

By keeping equal distance in front of and behind you, you'll get there faster, researchers say.

Maintaining equal distance between cars in front of and behind you is said to be key for optimal traffic flow.

Toronto neighbors fix dangerous intersection using chalk, raked leaves

Today in DIY traffic design.

Neighbors took matters into their own hands to stop cars from running stop signs.

VW, Google partner for quantum computing

Google's computing power to help VW optimize traffic, develop AI and explore battery materials.

It could help make cars smarter and more efficient.

Self-driving cars could be a dream for cities — or a robotic nightmare

Unintended consequences will be inevitable

The utopians see benefits to autonomy, but brace yourself for the unintended consequences

To avoid traffic, this guy swims to work

Benjamin David got sick of Munich congestion.

How far would you go to avoid traffic?

No place to park in the park: Yellowstone fights traffic congestion

Superintendent cites funding, 'competing values,' 4.25 million visitors.

Old roads, limited funding, heavy traffic, and vulnerable wildlife pose big challenges in the national park.

Oregon fines man $500 for using math to challenge red-light cameras

It's a free-speech issue. And math is math, Oregon!

Oregon says someone with an engineering degree can't call themselves an engineer unless they have a license.

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