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Unintended consequences will be inevitable

The utopians see benefits to autonomy, but brace yourself for the unintended consequences

Benjamin David got sick of Munich congestion.

How far would you go to avoid traffic?

Superintendent cites funding, 'competing values,' 4.25 million visitors.

Old roads, limited funding, heavy traffic, and vulnerable wildlife pose big challenges in the national park.

Elon Musk wants to create an underground highway to help decongest high traffic areas.

It's a free-speech issue. And math is math, Oregon!

Oregon says someone with an engineering degree can't call themselves an engineer unless they have a license.

Much of the data supporting an autonomous future is based on studies of today's transportation models.

So satisfying.

This guy has obviously never heard the phrase, "No cuts, no butts, no coconuts."

Things are getting scary out there.

No, adding more lanes isn't always the answer.

The creation of "smart lanes" would greatly ease congestion.

The Chicago Police Department released a statement last week warning drivers to be on the lookout for cell-phone thieves snatching phones out of cars stuck in heavy traffic.

A man in Portland plead not guilty this week to blocking traffic while impersonating a tree.

Whether you're taking planes, trains, or automobiles, expect delays.

It's not just your imagination playing tricks on you.

If you’ve ever driven a car in a city, you know the frustration of sitting at a red light for what feels like forever.

The only thing worse than being stuck in traffic is being taunted for being stuck in traffic. To drive home just how lousy it is to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, Uber has unleashed ad-carrying drones in Mexico City to let drivers know there's a better way to travel.

One day you get into work and there’s a note on your desk.

However, there are things we can do to improve traffic in the meantime.

Hogging the left lane irritates other drivers, causes traffic jams, and increases accidents.

Because the left lane is for passing, duh.

Technology may be improving, but motor vehicle fatalities are increasing.

If you’re from a rural area, you’re likely more familiar with driving in light traffic at a more relaxed speed than driving on the quick-paced and busy roads of urban centers.

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