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It's not yet clear if it'll be applied to an upcoming vehicle

The Jaguar C-Pace could be a crossover coupe version based on either the E-Pace or the F-Pace, or it could be an entry-level vehicle.


The move cuts thousands of dollars off the cost per vehicle


Changing of the guard for JLR’s ‘exciting electrified future’

Britain's biggest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is replacing its director for manufacturing as it prepares its plants for an electrified future, the firm said on Thursday.


'Headwinds impacting the car industry' prompt change

Britain's biggest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover will cut around 1,000 jobs and production at two of its English factories due to a fall in sales caused by uncertainty around Brexit and confusion over diesel policy, a source told Reuters.


Previous record-holder was a Ferrari 458

The new record for the Tianmen Road now stands at 9 minutes, 51 seconds.


Some more classic than others: These interesting castoffs will sell at no reserve

"We seem to have bought some cars that aren't Jaguars or Land Rovers," someone seemingly said. "Maybe we should sell them."


Land Rover says plug-in SUV is the first vehicle to succeed here

Would you have a go?

Los Angeles

Defending its off-road heritage, but not its looks.

This one won't be strictly for the fans.


Two Ingenium I4 engines are on offer, including a 286-horsepower version.

The more powerful engine is the most powerful unit ever offered on either model.


Some copies are pretty egregious.

Cars will only debut in production form.


It goes beyond just a fold-out counter and sink

There's a toaster in the center console.


We also check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and Jaguar F-Pace.

We take a new approach to "Spend My Money."


At least it's easy to understand.

Engine size goes down, horsepower goes up, and badges try to reflect the new reality.


It would be an AWD all-electric sibling of the next-gen Jaguar XJ.

What if Jaguar Land Rover just brought back the Rover brand?


What it needs is a mainstream or ultra-luxury brand

It's also looking at acquiring tech companies.


Jim Ratcliffe says the design is not trademarked in Britain.

He says the design is not trademarked in Britain.


Lyft's approach is far different than Uber's.


And this isn't the first time theives have pulled off this sort of heist.

The Great Jaguar Land Rover Engine Heist!


The initial run is limited to 10 restorations.

Land Rover Classic will offer restored 1970s Range Rovers in the style of earlier "Reborn" Land Rover Series 1 models.


Learn what it's like to drive a Defender without having to maintain one.

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