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Fisker electric SUV named Ocean, and it'll have an app-based lease

Fisker calls it 'world’s most sustainable vehicle'

Fisker electric SUV is getting a solar roof

Teaser shows an overhead shot of the car's roof and wide hips

Teaser shows an overhead shot of the car's roof and wide hips.

Fisker teases electric crossover again and a high-vis turn signal

December reveal will bring lots of LEDs and some serious wheel arches

December reveal will bring lots of LEDS and some serious wheel arches.

Karma Pininfarina GT is exactly what its name says it is

A grand touring coupe with Fisker Karma underpinnings and styling by Pininfarina

A grand touring coupe with Fisker Karma underpinnings and styling by Pininfarina.

Fisker teases $40,000 mass-volume EV to be revealed on March 18

Radical, versatile design with a solid state battery planned for 2021

Radical, versatile design with a solid state battery, planned for sale in 2021.

Fisker EMotion EV and flexible solid-state battery debut at CES

This is our first full look at the EMotion's interior.

The Fisker EMotion combines style, range, a luxurious interior and an advanced suite of lidar sensors for autonomous driving.

Fisker unveils EMotion electric sedan's butterfly doors

Plus a small-scale demo of its new battery technology.

Fisker says the sedan's interior will be more spacious those of its competitors, with rear legroom exceeding that of "many full-size luxury sedans."

Fisker previews Orbit autonomous shuttle

The Orbit is set to launch by the end of next year.

Fisker's next EV is all about the ride.

Henrik Fisker interview: the EMotion EV, and a 'game-changer' charging method

In a wide-ranging conversation, Fisker talks about his new company, his new car, technology, and the future of driving electric.

The new charging standard isn't inductive, isn't a cable, and you don't have to get out of your car to plug in.

This is the Fisker EMotion

Enough with the teasing already.

It's sleek, but is it a bit too derivative of EVs past and present?

Humvees are now exported to China by Bob Lutz and Henrik Fisker's company

VLF Automotive will build the Hummer H1 copy in Michigan.

It won't sell to US customers, though.

Henrik Fisker teases more images of Emotion luxury electric vehicle

Fisher again takes to Twitter to reveal a little more of his new model.

Fisker's new company touts electric vehicle with a 400-mile single-charge range.

Henrik Fisker reveals the face of his upcoming electric vehicle

The EV is a mix of Tesla and the dead Fisker Karma.

The butterfly doors were gorgeous, but the front could use some work.

Henrik Fisker previews secretive car with gorgeous butterfly doors

The Fisker Karma's spiritual successor takes shape.

As far as doors go, these are works of art.

Henrik Fisker returns with plans to build a 400-mile electric car

'We have the technology that nobody else has.'

Check back in 12 months or so for more details.

Henrik Fisker says he's developing EVs in 'stealth mode'

The designer also claims to be close to a battery breakthrough.

He may have just designed a V10 sports car, but he still wants an electric vehicle.

VLF finally delivers first V8-powered, Karma-based Destino

The Fisker Karma hybrid may be dead, but the Corvette ZR-1-powered Destino brainchild of Henrik Fisker and Bob Lutz lives.

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