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How Ford burned $12 billion in Brazil

Over the past eight years, the company has lost about $2,000 for every car it sold

This is what it looks like when an airplane propeller meets a car's roof

Here's some nightmare fuel for those who hate single-engine airplanes

Phony Fauxrrari and Shamborghini replicas seized in Brazil

Police found eight vehicles in various states of completion

Ford Ranger Storm Concept revealed in Brazil looking like a budget Ranger Raptor

Rugged looks with less rugged underpinnings for this Ranger concept

Rugged looks with less rugged underpinnings for this Ranger concept.

The hubless chopper with an airplane engine

Sons of Anarchy meets Tron

Sons of Anarchy meets Tron.

GM bets on Brazil with millions of cheap cars developed for China

‘Unprecedented’ scale, but will Brazilians have higher expectations?

General Motors is planning for long-term profitability in South America built on the back of draconian cost cutting during Brazil's recession and the same low-cost vehicles it is developing for Chinese consumers, which are due to hit dealerships in 2019.

Volvo will sell the world's largest bus in Brazil

The Gran Artic 300 carries 300 passengers and is nearly 100 feet long.

A 300-passenger, biarticulated bendy bus might be more practical than China's weird tram/bus concept.

Rain prolongs the Championship battle | 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix recap

Max Verstappen set the rain-soaked Brazilian Grand Prix on fire while most other drivers simply tried to finish.

Rio bus driver deserves Olympic gold for road rage

Incident occurred the same night another bus carrying members of the media was fired upon.

A bus driver in Rio had just about enough of Olympics traffic Wednesday night.

Brazilian police free Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law

Mr. Ecclestone and his wife can rest easy once again.

New Model 3 will extend Tesla's reach into India, Brazil and other global markets

Tesla just massively increased its potential sales by adding pre-orders in India (population 1.25 billion), Brazil (200 million), South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and more.

It sure looks like Elon Musk is now doing security in Brazil

Ad Campaign For Synpol MS Uses Elon Musk As Police Officer, Or Something

A new billboard campaign in Brazil is using a picture of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Why? We don't know.

Nissan Kicks brings new crossover style to Brazil

After unveiling the Kicks concept over a year ago, Nissan is slated to build a new crossover in Brazil, hitting the Latin American market before proliferating to others.

Former IndyCar driver Raphael Matos suspended in Brazil for doping

The Brazilian racing federation has suspended former Indy driver Raphael Matos for two years after he failed a drug test at a stock car race.

VW hit with $13M fine in Brazil over diesel scandal

German Automaker Will Recall 17,000 Vehicles

Penalty stems from alleged cheat software in Amarok pickup trucks.

Volkswagen Fox Track goes off-road in South America

Volkswagen rolls out a soft-road version of the little Fox hatchback in Brazil in the form of the new Fox Track, replacing the previous CrossFox with a more rugged appeal.

We wish the Fiat Toro compact pickup would come to America

Fiat Brazil shows off the Toro small pickup truck, available in either front-wheel drive or 4x4, with a 138-hp gas engine or a 170-hp diesel, and auto or manual transmissions.

Audi prepping a flex-fuel A3 for Latin America

Audi Will Make The Model In Brazil

Flex-fuel vehicle will be German automaker's first ever.

Fiat previews new Toro sport-utility pickup

Fiat confirms the imminent arrival of the new Toro, a sport-utility pickup destined for the Latin American market - but likely never to venture this far north to Ram dealers.

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