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California moves to protect auto emissions rules from Trump rollback

Air quality board says automakers must still meet Obama standards

Air quality board says automakers must still meet Obama standards.

If automakers didn't lobby for mpg freeze, who did? Who do you think?

Consumers could pay an extra $193 billion or more for fuel by 2035

Consumers could pay an extra $193 billion for fuel by 2035, study suggests.

17 states sue Trump administration over vehicle emissions

California and others say the EPA acted arbitrarily and capriciously

California and a group of 16 other states on Tuesday challenged the Trump administration's decision to revise strict U.S. vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency rules put in place under former President Barack Obama.

NHTSA proposes scrapping higher 'gas guzzler' penalties

Meanwhile EPA ruling on overall CAFE standards is expected Friday

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said late on Tuesday it was proposing to cancel a planned hike in higher "gas-guzzler" penalties for automakers whose vehicles fail to meet minimum fuel-economy standards.

Automakers meet with EPA's Scott Pruitt, who takes aim at California

Trump administration is nearing a decision on lowering CAFE standards

General Motors chairman and chief executive Mary Barra met on Tuesday with U.S. regulatory chiefs, as the Trump administration approaches a deadline for deciding whether to lower landmark fuel efficiency standards through 2025.

Trump speaks in Ypsilanti, announces review of mileage goals

He promises nation 'will once again shine with industrial might.'

Following today's events in the Detroit area.

President Trump to visit Michigan on Wednesday to attend auto-related event

He'll likely also push health-care plan.

It's not yet clear what if anything he'll be announcing in Detroit.

Automakers want to stop the EPA's fuel economy rules change, and why that's a shortsighted move

Do you want to encourage lobbyists, or engineers?

Once again, the Auto Alliance stands against change.

Massive increase in CAFE fines could cost automakers millions

The auto industry doesn't like where this is headed.

A jump from $5.50 to $14 for each missed 1/10th of an MPG really adds up.

Automakers are offering more fuel-efficient cars than ever

Consumer organization says increases in gas mileage are proof CAFE standards are working.

Even with gas prices near their lowest point in more than a decade, Americans are still concerned about the fuel economy of their cars. More than 4 in 5 consumers say gas mileage will be an important consideration the next time they go shopping for a vehicle.

Foreshadowing MPG regulation fight at Detroit Auto Show

An overview of the upcoming CAFE efficiency regulations from the floor of the Detroit Auto Show 2016.

By eliminating spare tires, automakers leave motorists stranded

AAA Calls On Manufacturers To Stop Dropping Spares From New Cars

Automakers are shedding weight from vehicles any way they can in their attempts to meet stricter federal fuel-economy requirements. That includes eliminating spare tires.

EPA: no decision yet on changing 2025 CAFE standards

Contrary to perception, the EPA hasn't ruled on mandating a 54.5-mpg fleet average for 2025. The EPA won't make a decision on it until 2018.

NRC: Meeting CAFE standards won't be cheap but it's doable

Light-weighting, 8-Speed Transmissions May Do The Trick

Automakers may need to invest another $1,500 or so in midsize sedans in order to meet 2025 fuel-economy standards.

Average MPG rate climbing, 2025 CAFE targets reachable

Results Still Mixed As Fewer Light-Duty Trucks, SUVs Meet Current Standards

Consumer Federation says 2025 CAFE standards are "achievable" and that automakers are making progress.

Despite falling gas prices, fuel economy targets likely to remain high

CAFE standards aren't likely to change with in 2017's midterm review, Ward's Auto reports, despite falling fuel prices and the negative impact they're having on more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz rewarded by EPA for implementing start-stop

The last Mercedes-Benz AMG model I drove was the CLS63 AMG. It had a 5.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V8, 550 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. Oh, and it also had a standard stop-start system and an Eco mode, two features that are kind of silly on a sedan that will hit 60 miles per hour in under four seconds.

EPA says automakers ahead of schedule for 54.5 MPG by 2025

Remember, the target is 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Today, the CAFE level is a little over 30. How we get from here to there is something the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is monitoring closely. Thus, the EPA just released an annual flash report on how the auto industry is progressing towards meeting the nati

Average new-vehicle mpg ratings continue to climb, now up to 24.8

The average fuel economy of new cars sold in the US is going back up after dropping for a couple of months. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) calculated a 24.8 mpg average for new light-duty vehicles sold in the US during November 2013. That's not a

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