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Bernie Ecclestone, 'Mr. Formula One,' says Formula E has a brighter future

E will get 'much, much bigger,' and F1 'will suffer because of that'

E will get 'much, much bigger,' and F1 'will suffer because of that.'

Goodwood to celebrate Ecclestone's career

Uniting to honor a divisive figure.

Formula One's formula for success is to book Justin Timberlake

He follows last year's U.S. Grand Prix performance by Taylor Swift.

He's bringing sexy racing fans back.

Bernie Ecclestone is out as head of Formula 1

The 86-year-old racing boss will become “Honorary President” according to reports.

After a remarkable run at the top of the highest tier racing series, Ecclestone is officially out.

Ross Brawn could succeed Bernie Ecclestone on F1 throne

Brawn, who has led some of the most important F1 teams, could be a good fit for series CEO.

American investors Liberty Media set to purchase F1 for $8.5 billion

Liberty Media would likely focus on F1's limited marketing efforts in the US and try to centralize race promotion around the globe.

Ecclestone downplays potential legal issues of delaying Halo

Bernie isn't worried about getting sued over Halo's roll out.

Ecclestone's pilot arrested over mother-in-law kidnapping

The saga takes a new twist as Brazilian police nab another suspect.

Brazilian police free Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law

Mr. Ecclestone and his wife can rest easy once again.

Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law kidnapped in Brazil

Kidnappers reportedly seek $36.6 million, the largest sum in Brazilian history.

Ecclestone against F1 cockpit protection

Bernie Ecclestone thinks that F1 should do "nothing" with regard to cockpit protection.

Russian billionaire acquires 99 percent Nürburgring stake

The remaining one percent will stay with German Getspeed partner.

Could it be that Nürburgring is on the right track to a 2017 F1 Grand Prix?

Bernie Ecclestone believes women aren't strong enough for F1

He doesn't think they have enough physical strength to be quick.

Bernie Ecclestone doesn't think women are physically strong enough to turn a quick enough lap to be competitive in F1. He's not a fan of Donald Trump, either.

No F1 Snapchat for Lewis Hamilton, says Ecclestone

Lewis Hamilton has run afoul of Formula One's commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone, who doesn't want him giving away footage for free on Snapchat when broadcasters pay big bucks for the rights.

Bernie Ecclestone says sale price of F1 has been agreed

Speculation that CVC, which holds a 35 percent stake in the sport, is poised to finally off-load its share of grand prix racing has been rife for several months.

F1 forced to delay new qualifying format until Spanish Grand Prix

Bernie Ecclestone says that Formula 1's new elimination qualifying format will not be introduced until the Spanish Grand Prix because of issues with readying the new timing software.

Red Bull F1 denied access to Honda engines

Reports suggest Red Bull and Honda are discussing an engine supply deal for 2016, but a subsequent report says McLaren's Ron Dennis has scuppered the deal.

Ecclestone calls for separate F1 series for women

Bernie Ecclestone wants to create a separate category in Formula One for female drivers. He might have some trouble finding enough qualified to compete, but even if he did - would it end up on the same level as the Olympic games or be something less?

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