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Tesla resurrects referral program with chances to win Model Y, Roadster

Tesla killed the previous referral program just last month, citing costs

Tesla killed the previous referral program just last month, citing costs.

California counters Trump, considers boosting EV rebates

State could offer thousands of dollars as federal incentives fade

California could add thousands of dollars in incentives for electric cars

Car Buying
What is a new car incentive or rebate?

They can save you money if you know what you’re doing

They can save you money if you know what you're doing.

Deep discounts — $12K, $13K, $16K — are fueling a pickup price war

Ford, Chevy and Ram and their dealers are all throwing down

Ford, GM and Ram are all throwing down.

Cadillac Escalade gets $10,000 discount to ward off Navigator

War of the luxury behemoth SUVs

Cadillac is once again defending its full-size luxury Escalade SUV from assault by the hot-selling Lincoln Navigator, offering $10,000 discounts to some current customers to keep them from switching brands.

Car Buying
A car-buyer's glossary of terms

Being familiar with the lingo could help get you a better deal

Being familiar with the lingo could help get you a better deal.

Automakers face reality of EVs' cost — to jobs, and their bottom line

Deepening doubts, increased outsourcing and a call for more incentives

"Daimler is the first company to state explicitly how much electric vehicles are going to hurt margins."

Texas brings back $2,500 EV incentive, but excludes Tesla

The program runs through franchise dealers.

Texas had discontinued the state-funded electric vehicle perk in 2015.

April auto sales will likely be down 2 percent

DETROIT (Reuters) - U.S. auto sales in April likely fell almost 2 percent from a year earlier, with consumer discounts remaining at levels high enough to threaten the industry's long-term health, industry consultants J.D. Power and LMC Automotive said on Tuesday. The consultancies also lowered their full-year 2017 forecast for new vehicle sales to 17.5 million units, from a previous forecast of 17.6 million. April U.S. new vehicle sales will be about 1.48 million units, a drop

The end of EV incentives might not kill the market

This report says so. We're not so sure.

There might be life after incentives.

Tesla unbundles all sorts of features to qualify for German EV incentives

Just what is this "Comfort Package"?

Navigation, backup camera, memory seats are now optional on German's Model S.

Germany's new EV incentives move 1,800 plug-ins in first month

BMW leads automakers, while Renault Zoe leads models among new plug-ins.

Germans buy about 1,800 EVs and PHEVs during the first month of government's incentive program.

Germany will offer 4,000 euro incentives for plug-in vehicles

German automakers will foot about half the bill for EV incentives.

German plan will fund as much as $4,500 in perks for those who buy electric vehicles.

Germany could eliminate EV taxes to increase demand

No vehicle tax, a dramatic increase in charging stations, and even vehicle subsidies are on the table.

The German government wants to have 50,000 EVs on its roads by 2020, and it may call for a ten-year moratorium on EV vehicle taxes to do it.

Most of Norway's new vehicles were hybrids or plug-ins in March

Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, Renault Zoe all show up on the Top 10.

Hybrids, plug-ins accounted for more than 60 percent of Norway's new vehicles last month.

India wants its cars to go all-electric by 2030

Power Minister's ambitious scheme wouldn't use government funds.

Indian leaders will meet soon to see if ditching petroleum is possible by 2030.

CA ending clean car rebates for the wealthy on March 29

But, lower-income buyers will soon get an extra $1,500.

Low- to moderate-income EV buyers get an extra $1,500 in rebates, while rebates cease to exist for the highest-income earners.

These are the most EV-friendly cities in the US

Portland, Oregon tops the list.

Indiana University lists the best cities in which to own a plug-in vehicle.

Milan considers paying people to bike to work

The Italian city wonders if cash incentives can curb pollution.

Will cash incentives be enough to convince Milan commuters to bike to work?

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