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Volvo introduces 2022 C40 Recharge crossover, announces all EV sales will be online-only

C40 is first Volvo with Android infotainment, 100% leather-free interior

BMW plans to double battery electric car sales this year

BMW said it sold close to 193,000 electrified vehicles in 2020

Renault's push for more affordable EVs has global implications

Renault K-ZE: SUV-inspired electric debuts at 2018 Paris Motor Show

Renault K-ZE: SUV-inspired electric debuts at 2018 Paris Motor Show.

Tesla hits 200,000 cars, meaning a lower tax credit for EV buyers

GM may soon face the same disadvantage

GM may soon face the same disadvantage.

Nissan sees its EV sales surging to 1 million annually by 2022

That's six times what it sells now, and the Leaf is world's bestseller

Nissan announced plans to sell 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) annually by 2022, a six-fold jump from what it sold last year, and said it had no plans to stop testing its self-driving cars on public roads, calling them safe.

Automakers' investments in EVs and hybrids — at least $90 billion

Look out, Tesla. "We're all in. The only question is, will the customers be there with us?"

Everybody's getting in the game.

EVs, hybrids are more than half of new car sales in Norway

"The shift has gone faster than we'd thought" to ending sales of fossil fuel vehicles by 2025.

"The shift has gone faster than we'd thought" to phasing out sales of fossil fuel vehicles by 2025.

BMW EVs hit 100,000 sales target

Automaker's electric sales are up 60 percent this year

Sales are up 60 percent this year.

Toyota announces $13B plan to offer 10 or more EV models in early 2020s

It says it'll need to add more battery suppliers just to keep up

GM to Congress: Eliminating tax credit will harm EV sales

'It changes the equation' for buyers and automakers, CEO Mary Barra says

'It changes the equation' for buyers and automakers, CEO Mary Barra says

The end of EV incentives might not kill the market

This report says so. We're not so sure.

There might be life after incentives.

Indiana thinking about adding fees just for plug-in vehicles

Fees may boost Indiana road-repair revenue by $2 million a year.

Indiana would join 10 other states that impose fees specifically for plug-in vehicles to make up for lost revenue from less gasoline taxes.

Tesla misses 2016 delivery target by about 4,000 units, but builds more than ever

Total 2016 deliveries were 76,230.

Despite the miss, we should see 2016 as a success for Tesla.

Tesla won't let Brexit raise its UK prices, for now

Price increase is delayed for two weeks.

Buy now, or hope that the pound rebounds soon.

South Korea may change EV incentive rule that hurts Tesla

Tesla, BYD will benefit if charging-time mandate removed

Country's rule necessitating 10-hour maximum charging time may be eliminated next year.

Ultra-cheap Fiat 500e EVs about to hit used car lots

Unfortunately, probably only in California and Oregon.

How would $6,500 strike you?

China far ahead of US, Europe in total electric vehicle sales

And that's not counting the 200,000 plug-in trucks and buses

China beat the US and Europe in plug-in vehicle sales last year, and is only going to lengthen its lead.

By following the money, we can see that many automakers don't really care about EVs

Nissan, GM get a bit of a pass.

Maybe the automakers no longer believe that they can influence public opinion with a TV ad. Oh, wait.

Renault Kangoo ZE will get a range boost to about 170 miles

Utility EV's longer range an attempt to increase fleet sales.

More details to come at the European Motor Show in Brussels next month.

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