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But will customers accept higher fuel prices?

General Motors' VP of global propulsion systems said drivers would get around three-percent better fuel economy using engines designed to run on premium.


Study sees some highly counterintuitive trends in cars.

And 80 percent of cars sold will still have internal combustion engines.

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12,000 pounds of airborne chemicals were released after the storm caused ExxonMobil to shut down its facility in Baytown, TX.


But you knew that already, didn't you?

Consider paying a bit more for synthetic.

Your vehicle’s internal combustion engine relies on oil to function.


Petroleum deliveries, too, were the highest since 2007.

We can do better.


China accounts for the lion's share of petroleum perks.

Many of those efforts are deemed "inefficient" examples of exploration and extraction.

Many heavy duty, or extreme use, vehicles employ a oil temperature gauge.


Don't worry about running out of oil, the emissions will get us first.

The Union of Concerned Scientists' Dr. Jeremy Martin gives a realistic look at the future of fuels both traditional and alternative.


We're just gonna keep burning gas, apparently.

Optimism or head-in-sand?

Engine oil leaks are the most common of all automotive fluid leaks.


A more likely scenario, though, is a 5% drop.

US fuel consumption may "fall" to 7 million barrels a day by 2035 if EVs account for a third of new-car sales.


Oil change service stations are, not surprisingly, opposed to the bill.

A California state bill would consider oil changes as repairs and put oil change shops under the same standards as dealers. The bill would force these shops to recommend that service intervals follow factory guidelines instead of a universal standard.

Oil leaks are a very common problem that affects many car owners.

If you've got a marginal well, you almost can't lose.

For the first time since the law went into effect in 2005, a tax credit to help marginal well oil producers is paying out, thanks to low prices.


Low oil prices could run the country dry in five years.

A new plan called Vision 2030 includes selling a portion of the state-owned oil company Aramco.


Patterns show that the move to cleaner energy would be quick if there was a concerted effort.

The common wisdom that moving away from dirty fossil fuels will take ages is flat-out wrong, says professor Benjamin Sovacool.


According to Navigant Research, EV adoption will be a relative drop in the bucket.

Navigant Research says better overall MPG, autonomous driving features, and alt-transportation programs will have a greater impact on oil demand than EVs.


Gulf of Guinea sees decline of maritime attacks as oil prices remain low.

Attacking oil tankers isn't the lucrative scheme it once was for West African pirates.


"You have to believe that there is a possibility that you will not necessarily go back above $100, you know, ever," said Ian Taylor, CEO of the world's largest independent oil trader.