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What is mpg and how does it compare with kWh or liters per mile?

We've all know miles per gallon is important, but what exactly does it mean?

Most efficient vehicles of 2022

Broken down by powertrain, fuel economy and annual fuel costs

Trump administration ready to act on CAFE mileage requirements

And here's how NHTSA might justify a decision to lower mpg goals

The Trump administration might lower fuel economy targets as soon as 2021. Automakers desperately want concessions, spending $49 million on lobbying in 2017.

EPA beats Honda to revealing Civic Type R's mpg: 22/28/25

So, how does that compare with its most obvious rivals?

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid scored 84 MPGe in government testing

The already-efficient Pacifica wins the EPA ratings game hands down.

Plus it has a 566-mile range.

New-car fuel economy falls to three-year low, with a catch

MPG figures will be readjusted to '17 calculations next month.

It's the lowest figure since July 2013.

Lower US gas prices mean fewer jobs, study says

Higher SUV sales from lower fuel prices will eventually hinder industry.

Industry is investing $200 billion to boost fleetwide fuel efficiency, and will cut jobs if that investment isn't returned.

Elio Motors' latest prototype ready for HVAC testing in Seattle

Three-wheeled high-MPG vehicles are slated to debut by next year.

Other Elio prototypes are being tested for anti-lock braking systems.

New heavy-duty vehicles MPG rules could save 2 billion barrels of oil

The efficiency and emissions standards cover model years 2018 through 2027.

The government expects to also save 1.1 metric tons of GHG emissions through 2027.

EPA director says industry can meet 2025 fuel-economy standards

'Real world' MPG would have to rise to about 40 mpg under the current rules.

Don't tell the EPA it can't be done.

You won't need a motorcycle license to drive the Elio in 41 states

All but nine US states tweak license categories for trike.

If Elio Motors wants to sell its three-wheeled vehicle to the masses, it'll need motorcycle-license laws to change. Well, good news.

26,100 MPGe is the new Guinness record for vehicle efficiency

Teardrop-shaped three-wheeler breaks record on Audi's track.

You could go around the world with fuel to spare.

Massive increase in CAFE fines could cost automakers millions

The auto industry doesn't like where this is headed.

A jump from $5.50 to $14 for each missed 1/10th of an MPG really adds up.

Peugeot Citroen releases 'real-world' fuel-economy figures

PSA loaded its cars with luggage, ran the A/C during tests.

PSA Peugeot Citroen's testing produces fuel economy figures that are about 40 percent below published levels.

US new-vehicle fuel economy edges down in June

Lagging sales of hybrids and diesels don't help either.

Higher sales of SUVs and pickup trucks help bring fleetwide new-vehicle fuel economy down a bit in June.

VW may pay $7,000 per diesel scandal car in $10B US deal

VW's official plan to US regulators will be submitted June 28.

Early rumors of the deal VW has struck with US regulators would see it pay diesel owners up to $7,000 per vehicle in a plan that could cost $10 billion.

Stricter rules cause some 2017 EPA fuel economy numbers to drop

Even if the car doesn't change from 2016, its mpg may be lower due to an updated calculation.

Elio taps The Onion in political ad for efficient trike

Satirist news site will work with Elio as company prepares product launch.

Three-wheel automaker Elio partners with satirist the Onion on election-themed marketing campaign.

GM will compensate SUV owners for fuel-economy error [UPDATE]

As many as 135,000 GM SUV owners may be reimbursed.

GM will pay back some SUV owners for mistakes in MPG window stickers. The affected models include the Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave.

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