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Want a 725-hp Ford F-150? Ohio dealer sells them for $40K

Your choice of Roush, Procharger or Whipple superchargers

Your choice of Roush, Procharger or Whipple superchargers.

Hennessey Dodge Demon sets hellishly fast quarter-mile time

This 1,035-horsepower muscle car is now the world's fastest Demon

The Dodge Demon doesn't strike us as a muscle car much in need of a performance makeover. After all, this 840-horsepower MoPar machine's voracious quest for straight-line speed means it trims weight by jettisoning everything from a front passenger seat and rear seat, to its stereo and all carpeting in the trunk. The folks at Hennessey apparently think that's not nearly extreme enough. So, the Texas-based tuning outfit has turned the Demon into a 1,035-horsepower beast that runs a quarter-mile in

Elon Musk plans Tesla Supercharger drive-in restaurant, and Twitter goes nuts

An old-fashioned drive-in with rock ’n’ roll and roller skates

An old-fashioned drive-in, with rock 'n' roll and roller skates, near an L.A. Supercharger.

2019 Mustang GT500: Forum offers clues about engine, brakes

Supercharged Predator and big, big brakes.

Supercharged Predator and big, big brakes.

Howling Coyote: Ford Mustang, F-150 getting 700-hp supercharger

Ford Performance and Roush reveal blower at SEMA.

Ford Performance and Roush reveal blower at SEMA.

Tesla Superchargers heading to downtown Chicago and Boston

This is a new, more compact design.

Multiple cars in the same area won't affect charge times.

Mazda's game plan: Compression ignition, superchargers, EVs — and still fun to drive

Sparkless gasoline engine technology works like diesel and will boost torque.

Certain models will be electrified.

Tesla in talks to open Superchargers to other automakers

It seems like more of a 'when' and not an 'if.'

It's unclear how this would benefit Tesla owners.

Tesla will double its worldwide Superchargers this year

North America Supercharger deployment will more than double

California-based electric vehicle maker Tesla will double the deployment of its Superchargers this year as it unveils the lower-priced Model 3 sedan.

Junkyard Gem: 1997 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight LSS Supercharged

One of the lesser-known recipients of GM's supercharged 3800 V6.

Here's a discarded Oldsmobile with a Roots-blown Buick V6, from the era of the marque's endgame.

The 2018 Dodge Demon sounds like nothing else on the road

The launch system can adjust fuel and timing on the fly.

The Dodge Demon's massive hood scoop sucks air like a jet intake

It's called Air Grabber, because that's what it does.

The Air Grabber hood scoop first appeared on late 1960s Mopar products.

Elon Musk hints at ultra-fast Superchargers way beyond 350 kW

V3 will basically flash charge your Tesla.

"What are you referring to, a children's toy?"

Tesla is about to charge drivers a Supercharger Idle Fee [UPDATE]

Forty cents a minute is what it'll cost you if you leave your car plugged in.

Don't forget to unplug when the alarm goes off.

Tesla's Musk 'will take action' against those who abuse Superchargers

Will the EV maker start fining Supercharger abusers?

Plug in, charge up, and then leave, please.

Spy Shots
The new 2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 shows off its mean mug

That bulge in the hood is likely concealing a big supercharger.

We expect the ZR1 to be the most powerful production vehicle ever from Chevrolet.

Tesla ends free, forever Supercharger program

Starting in 2017, new Tesla owners will have limited free access to fast-charging network.

Now we know when 'forever' ends.

Tesla website code reveals how the Supercharger could make money

When you know enough HTML, you can learn things.

This may be how Model 3 owners will pay for Supercharger access.

Buy this 800 hp Hennessey Mustang 25th Anniversary Edition

What's better than a 2016 Ford Mustang? This one packs a 2.9-liter supercharger and crank things up to 804 hp, and it's on eBay.

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