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Hyundai to show Sonata 1.6 Turbo, new N Performance parts in Seoul

It'll show a Veloster N with 45 customizable N Performance parts

It'll show a Veloster N with 45 customizable N Performance parts.

Bugatti Divo will be a $5.8 million hypercar with an appetite for corners

The Divo is an even more extreme take on the Bugatti Chiron supercar

The Divo is an even more extreme take on the Bugatti Chiron supercar

All 2018 Fiat 500s will get turbocharged engines

The Italian mini car gets mightier.

No more naturally aspirated 500s.

Perk up your Mazda Miata with BBR's new 248-horsepower turbo kit

It's less expensive than that V8 swap you've considered.

Flyin' Miata is the sole US distributor.

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2018 Chevy Equinox gains turbo power and an optional diesel

A handsome new body is paired with high-tech options and efficient engines.

The dowdy old Equinox is gone, replaced by a sleek new crossover that gets up to 40 mpg on the highway.

Mazda's new turbo four fits in both the 6 and the 3

If a naturally aspirated Skyactiv four-cylinder fits, the turbo will fit too.

The Mazda CX-9's new turbocharged four-cylinder could see duty in the brand's other products, which means it's more of a product planning decision than an engineering one.

GM patent reveals new two-stage turbocharger

New two-stage turbocharger utilizes a low-pressure and high-pressure turbine in a series.

General Motors has filed a patent for a new two-stage turbocharger that should increase performance and negate lag.

How to Get the Most Horsepower Out of Your Car

The more horsepower your vehicle has, the faster it can accelerate and pick up speed.

How Long Does a Wastegate Hose Last?

Buying a car with a turbo booster is a great way to get the increased horsepower that you are looking for.

How Long Does an Oil Return Hose Last?

For a driver that is looking for more performance and speed, choosing a car with a turbo system is just what they need.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Wastegate Hose

When the turbocharger was introduced in the early 1900's for diesel engine applications, one of the most difficult side-effects was broken internal engine components caused by excess pressure built up by these forced induction systems.

Why Do Cars Have Different Oil Change Intervals?

There are several reasons that cars have different oil change intervals, including: Type of oil used in the crankcase Type of service in which the vehicle is used Type of engine Synthetic oil is manufactured to perform over a wide range of temperatures.

Audi exec denies plans for turbo R8

Audi's engine development boss says a turbocharged version of the R8 isn't happening, although the company's execs seriously discussed the possibility.

Toyota Camry to go turbo

Toyota might start pursuing turbocharging in a big way. The shift could include a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder to replace the V6 engine option in the Camry.

Toyota rolls out new turbo engine on updated JDM Auris

Toyota introduces an updated Auris hatchback for its domestic market in Japan, packing a new 1.2-liter turbocharged direct-injection engine that promises to optimize both output and efficiency.

Ferrari going with turbo V8s, hybrid V12s

Ferrari is adopting two methods of increasing output while decreasing fuel consumption, boosting its V8s with turbos and its V12s with hybrids - but not the other way around.

Next Honda Civic to get 1.5L turbo

Honda is reportedly using its upcoming 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine as the base choice in the next-gen Civic. It's possible that they could both be fully unveiled by the end of 2015.

Xcar drives the Mercedes-AMG C63 S

There's some concern among a portion of drivers that the move from big displacement, naturally aspirated performance engines towards smaller, turbocharged units is somehow diluting the experience behind the wheel. Xcar Films tries to suss out whether that's actually the case during its drive of the Mercedes-AMG C63 S.

Spy Shots
Ferrari FF spotted testing, may get new turbo engine

Ferrari has been caught testing some new ducting at the front of the FF, and another one was recently filmed testing driving around the Fiorano track. It seems the Prancing Horse definitely has something in store for the shooting brake, possibly a turbocharged engine.

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