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This great car safety tool is 20% off on Amazon for the next 4 hours

Get the 2-pack for only $7.99

If you're in the market, this great car safety tool is 20% off on Amazon right now.

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The best automotive Black Friday deals on Amazon

Looking for some hot Black Friday deals? Look no further

Looking for some hot Black Friday deals? Look no further.

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Meet the car mount doubling as a phone charger now 31 percent off

This essential accessory lets you access and charge your phone while keeping your eyes on the road.

The Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount should be in every car owner's vehicle.

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How to save thousands on car repairs each year

The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor tells you when something is wrong with your vehicle—and how to fix it, too.

This compact device keeps tabs on your car's health, so you don't have to.

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Car accidents happen, and this tool can end up saving your life

Be prepared for any crash with the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool, as featured on The Today Show.

This all-in-one gadget is essential for any car owner.

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Keep organized on the road with the Bomber Barrel Duffel

Kickstarter’s most funded bag ever is now 70 percent off.

This travel set features a premium duffel guaranteed to keep your belongings in order when you're on the road, plus an additional travel kit.

How to Get $10 Off YourMechanic.com

YourMechanic is the industry leader in mobile car repair.

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Keep covered with an extra set of eyes on the road

Protect yourself with recorded video from the DashCam car camera, now 73% off with free shipping included.

Accidents happen. With this dashboard camera, you'll be protected when they do.

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Keep your phone in place with this premium car mount

The Layze Flexible Universal Car Mount lets you use your phone hands-free, and is now 73 percent off with free shipping.

Here's an easy way to keep your phone or GPS device out of your lap and in your line of sight. You'll eliminate distractions, avoid breaking the law, and prevent costly accidents in one fell swoop.

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Quench your thirst without spillage with the Mighty Mug Biggie

This heavy-duty air-locking travel mug won’t spill, and it’s now 10-percent off with free shipping.

Keeping hydrated in your car shouldn't be an ordeal. Get the tip-resistant Mighty Mug Biggie, and you'll never have to deal with spilled drinks in your car ever again.

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Three car accessories every driver should have

These gadgets will prove essential to you on the road­­ – now up to 44% off

Many of us essentially live our lives in our cars, so we've decided to curate a list of items designed to help you out.

How to Know If a Used Car Is a Good Deal

When you need to buy a used car, it can be quite difficult to sift through the thousands of used cars for sale in your area.

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The award-winning G-BOOM speaker is now just $80

The G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox boasts impressive sound quality and a 6-hour playtime – now at the lowest price on the web.

This Bluetooth-enabled boombox has impressive sound for its size, is highly portable... and is priced more affordably than comparable speakers.

How to Get the Best Rental Car for the Lowest Price

When you need to rent a car, you would like to get the best value for money.

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Bring order to your key collection with the KeySmart Rugged

This heavy-duty key organizer neatly stores up to 14 keys, and it’s now 40 percent off with free shipping included.

Do you have a bulky mess of keys that consistently wreak havoc on your pockets? The KeySmart Rugged will organize your keys in a single place, making them easy to carry and sort through.

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Drive smarter with ExoMount Car Mounts

Ensure hands­-free driving while easily accessing your phone with these handy mounts, now over 30% off.

Here's a way to fully access your phone on the road while staying safe. Check out these two car mount options­­ – both easy, versatile to use, and surely indispensable once you've begun using them.

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Replace your clunky toolbox with the Cycop 10-Bit Bitool

Replace your clunky toolbox with the Cycop 10-Bit Bitool.

When you're picking one on-the-go essential, grab this pocket-sized DIY driver that can tackle jobs big and small.

How to Rent a Car With a Coupon

Car rental companies offer coupons that make renting a vehicle from them more attractive to consumers.

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Monitor your car with the CarLock Anti­-Theft System

This handy device lets you GPS track your car, prevent accidents, and much more.

Guard against collisions, dead batteries, and other car issues with the CarLock Anti­-Theft System.

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Become data­-driven with the Automatic Connected Car Adapter

Drive smarter and safer with this device­­ – available for 10% off, with free shipping!

The Automatic Connected Car Adapter provides you with key data on your car to help you drive smarter and better.

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